07.07.2016 - Glückstadt 

Hello, We are on the way to our holiday at the North Sea. We didn’t want to drive through the “Elbtunnel”. So we took a ferry from Wischhafen to Glückstadt.

Let’s go.

The Elbe is three kilometers wide.

We went through Glückstadt. The church:

… and the market place.

A small channel flows through the city.

There was a small harbor with beautiful houses.

It was a wonderful start of our holiday. Love Murph

08.07.2016 - Schlüttsiel

Hello, It was our first day at the North Sea.

But where was the water? We want to take a boat trip tomorrow. But without water?

Everywhere on the dykes there were sheep.

And many wind turbines behind the dykes.

But there was no water.

We asked if there will be a boat trip tomorrow.

They send us to the harbor. It looked better here.

Pieksi and I had our luggage with us.

We put it on this car.

Hopefully there will be a boat here, tomorrow!

Until soon Murph

09.07.2016 - Hallig Hooge

Hello, Great – there was a boat!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good.

This was our goal.

It was a very beautiful holm.

This was how we imagined a typical holm.

This house is famous.

But this discovery was much better.

We took a long walk over the holm.

This house looked really interesting.

It was the church.

In front of the church, we could see how high the water was in the Past. Even the cemetery was flooded.

What a nice day. Greetings Murph

10.07.2016 - Husum

Hello, What a shame – it rained. But no reason for bad temper – we toured Husum. This was the market place…

… with the church.

There is a Castle in Husum. Is this the Castle?

Yes, we found the Castle.

In the Castle courtyard was a beautiful cafe.

This was the way to the Castle garden.

We found this man everywhere in Husum. He seemed to be important for the city.

The harbour of Husum was very small.

At the end we found this beautiful flower. A wonderful colour, wasn’t it?

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow. Murph

11.07.2016 - Dagebüll

Hello, We took a trip to Dagebüll. Would it be a good place for a holiday! We don’t know it.

This harbour is famous in Germany.

We waved to the ferries.

We found these funny small houses at the dyke. Do TVs live in it? We knocked at many doors, but no one opened.

This was amazing. It was a holiday flat. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough money.

So we decided to drive back to our small holiday house. Bye Dagebüll!

Yours Murph

12.07.2016 - Flensburg

Hello, Another day with bad weather. We drove to Flensburg. It has a nice small harbour.

… with beautiful boats.

We went into the old town.

We saw many beautiful houses there.

We wanted to have a photo with this fountain.

We really loved the old town.

Flensburg is a beautiful town – even with bad weather…

Greetings Murph

13.07.2016 - Hamburger Hallig

Hello, We saw this sign on the way to the „Hamburger Hallig“. What will it represent? Maybe we will find it out.

We saw this beautiful house on the holm.

I never saw this lilac plant before.

The storm floods were very high here.

We took a long walk on the holm.

There should be sheep here. We didn’t see any until now – only sign with sheep.

After all we saw them.

This house was beautiful, too.

On the way back we saw these sheep – on the street.

Now we understood the sign.

Until soon Murph

15.07.2016 - Bergenhusen

Moin, Today we wanted to see many storks. There should be many in this village.

So we started our search. There were no storks on the church.

But there must be storks here.

These weren’t storks.

This mill was great – but no storks again.

Eventually we found some. There were many o fit. Unfortunately the photos were not so great.

What a wonderful village! Murph

16.07.2016 - Albersdorf

Hello, We went into a village out of the Stone Age today. It was so exciting!

They had great houses in the Past.

Graves looked like this in that time.

They buried people in that way.

They had wagons with wheels – everything out of wood!

I liked this house a lot – with an own flower meadow on the roof…

But I liked this huts more. I had to have a closer look.

On the way to the huts we found something scary. An old sacrifice place with bones on it. Fortunately TVs have no bones.

I would love to live in this hut with my friend Pieksi.

We could go fishing with our boat then.

A wonderful trip! Yours Murph

17.07.2016 - Eider-Sperrwerk

Hello, We took a rest in the forest on our way to the „Eider-Sperrwerk“. At once we thought of Stoker.

Which house would he like most?

What a lot of great things! A hotel for hedgehogs – will Pieksi stay her?

Then it was really exciting. I hope that you can see on the photo, how brave I was.

Then we continued to the „Sperrwerk“. The Watergate should protect the land during high tides.

It looked dangerous without high tides.

Look, there was really water in the North Sea.

This is the place, where the North Sea flows in the „Eider“.

We took a rest in the shadow. Very yummy!

On the way back we wanted to have a photo with this artwork.

Many greetings Murph

18.07.2016 - Dörpling

Hello , tomorrow Dicker Kumpel, Kleine Fee and Stoker will come and visit us (and you – of course). We were so excited and waited.

We waited all night long.

Finally they arrived.

What a greeting!

We had gifts for each other.

A big gift for us!

What will it be?

We had a closer look!

It looked yummy!

Then we all went together to Friedrichstadt. Until soon Murph

18.07.2016 - Friedrichstadt

Hello, We saw a lot of beautiful houses.

They remind us of houses in the Netherlands.

We really liked this water pump.

We saw many of these canals – they are called „Grachten“

We took a boat trip on these „Grachten“.

We saw a mushroom from the boat, but we were not able to come close to it.

It was so beautiful.

This ship was funny. Grass grow on it.

It was a great tour!


18.07.2016 - Dörpling

Hello, After our trip it was time for some cakes.

This looked good for us!

It was yummy!

Then we explored the mill.

We went into it through the window.

This horse was amazing! We were able to sit together on it.

And we had enough place on this chair, too.

This stair was very steep, but the sleeping room was upstairs.

I never saw a bed like this before.

Very comfortable!

There were so many great things to see in the mill.

A mill as a holiday flat – this was exciting!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye. We would have loved to play together for a longer time here.

What a wonderful day! Byebye Murph

19.07.2016 - Büsum

Hello, It was hot again. We wanted to go to the North Sea. We saw the town hall on our way to the dyke.

I really liked the small harbor of Büsum.

They catch shrimps with this beautiful boat, many people like fresh shrimps.

We saw this high house on the top of the dyke. Everybody who has ever been to Büsum knows it.

On our walk on the dyke we saw empty beaches

But there was a beach with many playgrounds for children.

We continued our walk to the watergate. Near to it we saw this small lighthouse.

This was Büsum’s watergate.

Ships find the way in the harbor with the help of the buoys.

You must have a photo with a sea gull, when you are on holiday at the North Sea.

Love Murph

20.07.2016 - Westerhever

Hello, It was very hot again. Do you know our goal? There it was – there behind me!

It became better.

We had to walk this way.

There it was –with many sheep.

It was a long way – but the lighthouse became bigger.

It was famous and beautiful. We had to take tons of photos.

This was our way back.

It was really narrow.

But the meadows looked wonderful!

Yours Murph

21.07.2016 - Büsum

Hello, It was the last day of our holiday. We wanted to enjoy the sunshine on the dyke.

But what was this?

We must have a closer look.

This looked exciting.

We took it all the way home.

We will examine it at home.

We had to open it.

I opened the bag and Pieksi took everything out of it.

It was hard work for Pieksi!

But he did it. We found a funny picture – and many sweets.

We cannot understand the humans, who throw away great things like this.

Greetings Murph