24.12.2015 - Müden/Örzte

Hello, we spent Christmas in Müden. A beautiful village with a small church.

We had no Christmas tree in our holiday house. So we searched on in the village. First we saw this beautiful house.

The street lights in Müden were decorated for Christmas

We found these great figurines in a garden.

And a wonderful windmill – just built for us TVs.

Then we found it – a big Christmas tree…

… decorated with wonderful balls!

On our way back I found a beautiful dress for you, Rike! It looked great, didn’t it?

I hope, you had a wonderful Christmas Eve! Yours Murph

25.12.2015 - Schmarbeck

Hello, today we took a long walk through a moorland.

A beautiful region!

We had to be careful.

But we were brave TVs!

I had no idea, what this cross is for.

Then we found these red points. Blossoms of a lichen. It looked funny, didn’t it?

It was a great landscape although we didn’t found wolves.

Until soon Murph

26.12.2015 - Müden

Hello, today we had a closer look at Münden. This was the Heidesee.

We found a comfy swing and took a break.

We saw this big millstone at the mill of Müden. It was impressive.

This was the famous mill of Müden.

In front of it we found something unbelievable. People hang their shoes at this tree…

In the Past many people had wells like this, today there were only a few of it left.

An old storage from the earlier days…

On our way back we found this sign. First we didn’t believe it. But then we tried it, of course.

Greetings Murph

27.12.2015 - Müden

Hello, it was the last trip of our holiday.

This was a monument for a famous poet. The poet’s name was Herrmann Löns.

We had a rest.

Next to this barn….

… we found these old bee hives. Really beautiful.

Next to the paths in this wonderful forest…

… we found these red berries.

And another monument for a famous poet.

On our way back to the car we found our yummy dinner.

Yours Murph