In the Airbus A380, in the air - 30th October 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We are on the way to Australia. We fly with an A380 – I always wanted to try this plane. My best friend Dicker Kumpel and I explored the seat.

Well – a wing – and clouds – not that interesting.

Wow – an own minibar for me. I took some drinks out of it. The sandwich and the little cake were very yummy!

There was enough place for both of us on the seat – and we got a mattress for the night.

Perth in Sight – we will be there soon.

But first we got another refreshment – we won’t start hungry in Australia.

I preferred the chocolates.

Yours Murph

Fremantle, Australia - 31st October 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We arrived in our apartment and had a good first night. So we were well-rested and ready to explore Fremantle. We went to the beautiful old railway-station by bus.

Then we walked along the docks.

They care of the wild fishes here – you should put your fishing lines and tackles here.

In the Past many immigrants came to Australia – I think, these two belonged to them.

There exist Welcome Walls with the names of the immigrants - when they came and the ship’s name.

This man designed the port.

Then we walked through the city of Fremantle.

The Round House is the oldest existing house in Western Australia. Under is you see the entrance to a short tunnel.

The Round House.

The view of the Indian Ocean was so beautiful.

We both liked this funny ship.

Do you imagine the tunnel? This was the other side of it.

The beach was beautiful, but it was too windy for swimming.

Another beautiful building – in the Past petroleum was stored there – today it is an arts house.

A monument for Vasco da Gama.

A beautiful hotel.

Then the scary part of the day started. The prison of Fremantle. RikeH told us that nasty ToyVoyagers have to stay in it.

Murph and I bought tickets for us – we were sure that you are allowed to leave, when you buy a ticket.

Well – it didn’t looked too bad – green lawn and a beautiful house.

Oups, this side looked worse.

And we didn’t like this building.

Oh – what an awful cell. I was soooooo nice in the last time – no need to leave me here.

Look, there were many floors. The net was fixed to prevent prisoners to murder themselves or the other prisoners.

This looked peaceful – the church.

In the older days the prisoners had hammocks instead of beds.

There exists two cells, where artists lived in and where allowed to paint at the walls.

Luckily I was allowed to leave the prison. I had to celebrate it with this yummy and healthy food.

Yours Murph

Rottnest Island, Australia - 1st November 2016

Hello Mum, hello Dad,

We went to an Island today - look, the ferry.

When we arrived on the Island, we took a Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus to Parker Point. The water looked like the Caribbean.

This part looked wonderful.

I went down so many stairs to the beach.

Can you see us?

It was so beautiful here.

Maybe I should do a holiday on the beach – but I don’t like water.

I wanted to meet Quokkas here – this was the first one.

Surely they had a lighthouse on the highest point of the Island.

Our last stop was West End. There were many New Zealand Fur Seals in the water.

They were funny and sportive.

A few hundred meters away is the Cape Vlamingh. Really beautiful.

The Fish Hook Bay was great, too.

A rock with a hole – it will be a blow hole when it is stormy.

We were ready with the bus tour – and started a Quokka Walk with a friendly old man. He told us something about the animals – and much more about trees, history and so on. Quokkas love the fruits of this tree.

Look, there were some for a late lunch or an early dinner.

These lakes on the Island were interesting. They have a 6-9times higher saltiness as the ocean around the Island.

Hey – a very tall palm tree.

And another funny palm tree.

Then we met Quokkas again.

We were ready to go back to Fremantle, but the ferry was not here. Time for some photos of Thomson Bay.

The tour back to the mainland was funny – and very bumpy. Yours Murph

Hyden, Australia - 2nd November 2016

Hi Mum and Dad,


We stopped at this colorful lake on our way to Hyden.

There were works of art.

And there were many flies.

We continued our trip to the biggest attraction in this region. Next to the path I saw a lizard.

Behind me you see the famous Wave Rock.

The colors and the forms are wonderful.

All the humans wore funny hats with fly-nets.

Then we started a walk along the rock.

I really liked it.

32 Degrees were very hot.

This rock is called Hippo’s Yawn.

I was so brave and went into it. The view from here was beautiful.

Some blooming flowers – it is springtime here.

The trees look different, but I like it.

A last stop at the Wave Rock.

Love Murph

Coolgardie, Australia - 3rd November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


Today we drove all day. At least we TVs thought and got on RikeH’s nerves. So we stopped in Coolgardie and visited a nice small outdoor museum. Ben Prior found many old things in and around the town and showed it here. Funnily there was a camel.

But there were many old machines.

Look, there was a lot to see.

We had no idea, what this machine was for – but this didn’t matter to us.

Surely gold was washed in this machine.

This must have been a great time!

I really loved it here.

There was a museum on the other side of the street, but we didn’t wanted to go into it.

Yours Murph

Kalgoorlie, Australia - 4th November 2016

Hi Mum and Dad,


It was time to see the red earth of Australia. We took a guided tour and were 4 human guests, the guide and we TVs, enough space for all of us in the car. Our first stop was Broad Arrow – you can see a water tower behind me.

There was a pub – the Australian people leave the town to have a drink in the outback. Really strange.

I looked at the map – where we will be today.

Then we arrived in Menzies – a small village. But it had a nice tour with funny sculptures. Can you see us on the camel?

This was the typical landscape here.

Look, some nice old machines.

The townhall of Menzies.

This side looked great – with a photo of the people in the Past.

This was the bakery.

I liked the beautiful flowers.

Wow – a cool motorbike – I had a great ride on it.

This was our goal of the day – the Lake Ballard with 51 statues- we are so curious.

I had a great seat in the car.

This looked adventurous.

Then we arrived at the Lake Ballard – a salt lake with a small hill in it.

There were 51 of these art works all over the lake. They should show people out of the region – only smaller and a little different to their normal appearance.

We shouldn’t have go here, when there would have been rain in the last days.

It looked great!

I had a nice view from here.

This was exciting – and this was the landscape next to the lake.

We stopped in this pub on our way back to Kalgoorlie. Maybe you have to do this on an Australian tour…we had lemon lemonade.

Yours Murph

Kalgoorlie, Australia - 5th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


Kalgoorlie is a great town. Gold was first discovered in 1893 here. Today they still produces gold here – and today we will visit the Super Pit. There are 40 mining trucks on site – and they are very big and dangerous. This show that we should stay inside the bus…

Look, they produce gold there.

Very big machines – unfortunately one of it burnt.

Let’s go to the gold. There is an open pit and an underground mine – we will only visit the open pit.

Two full trucks! They are full of stone – not full of gold.

This was the first lookout. Great – the pit is 600 m deep.

1,5 km across, 3,5 km long. The small point down there are big trucks.

The view from the next stop was similar.

I saw trucks driving up and down.

This was our tour bus.

The humans had to wear these glasses when they leave the bus.

We saw more trucks driving around.

Then we went to the mill – the first station in taking the gold out of the rocks. They bring the rocks in here – and put it in smaller pieces.

It was a great day in the Pit!

Yours Murph

Kalgoorlie, Australia - 6th November 2016

Hi Mum and Dad,


Is it Christmas now? Not yet, but it was strange to see this Christmas tree and have 40 degrees…

No idea, who this girl was, but sehr had a great place in the heat.

This roof was gilded with gold from the Super pit.

One of the hotels here.

This was Paddy Hannan, one of the three men who found the first gold in this region.

A view over the main street…

…and the town hall.

Yours Murph

Esperance, Australia - 7th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


After 4 days in the heat, we were ready to leave Kalgoorlie. On the way to Esperance we stopped at a view point and saw the beautiful salt lake – Lake Lefroy.

This was our car.

The lake looked beautiful – and I liked the scrubs.

We drank a delicious Ginger-Ale.

We visited a museum village in Esperance – but there were only old houses with stores in it.

We thought that this was a church.

Water lilies are so beautiful.

This should be art, I think.

Look a beach in the town.

I loved the whale fin!

Surely palm trees belong to a holiday in the South.

Love Murph

Great Ocean Drive, Esperance, Australia - 8th November 2016

Hi Mum and Dad,


Today we will do the Great Ocean Drive. But first we stopped at the Rotary Lookout. Nice – we will go there soon.

And we come from this direction. Yesterday we walked along this beach.

I learnt the names of the islands.

This was the first beach - the West Beach.

The Path to Blue Haven was very steep.

So we decided to drive to the Salmon beach. The way from the parking lot to the beach was shorter there.

What is more important? My wonderful coat or the background. The camera knew the correct answer.

This beach should be one of the most beautiful beaches of Australia. The Twilight Beach was Australia’s best beach in 2006.

In my opinion this was because of the rocks in front of it.

On my way to the car I saw some nice flowers.

Next stop: Observatory Point. I loved the rocks with the waves.

Oups – we have to climb up there.

This was the view to the Nine Mile Beach…

…and into the other direction.

The last stop was the Ten Mile Lagoon. Rocks create a lagoon here. Normally the water is quiet here.

Back in Esperance we walked along the promenade.

We learned about the hunting methods of the Aborigines. Well – I enjoyed the sunshine and didn’t listen to Rike’s words…

Next to the beach there was a Port with big ships.

In the Past people drove with horses to the beach.

This was Sammy the Seal.

Yours Murph

Albany, Australia - 9th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We are in the small town Albany, behind me you can see the university.

There were some nice old Victorian buildings.

The rose garden was beautiful.

Look, the entertainment center looked like a ship. And behind it you can see a cruise ship.

This was the St John’s Church.

And this was the town hall – it looked like a church.

They had funny plants in the town.

Love Murph

Torndirrup Nationalpark, Australia - 10th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We drove to the Torndirrup Nationalpark. First we stopped for the view over Albany.

This viewing point is called The Gap. Oh – they build an exciting platform there.

I was so brave – it was high about the sea level.

We were able to look through the platform.


This was a Natural Bridge.

We had a great view from here.

And we learnt a lot about different kind of rocks.

These rocks were nice.

From the Jimmy Newhills Lookout I saw the ‚secret‘ haven.

This plant was great!

There was a round way on the Stony hill. This plant next to me was funny and very tall. The rocks on the hill looked beautiful!

And we had a nice view.

Can you see the small people on the rock?

We were on the left side during the last hours – now we will drive to the right side.

I am on the beach yet.

It was a great day in the National Park!

Yours Murph

Beedelup House Cottage - Hansel, Australia - 11th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We are in a nice holiday home at the moment. I met this friendly Ringsittich on the balcony.

He was really funny!

And look – kangaroos walked next to our house.

I stayed at home today – and prepared everything for Stoker’s birthday party. It was hard work!

When the others came back, there were two couches waiting for all of us – and we talked a lot.

Then we went to the nicest views with our flying couches.

When it was getting dark, we went to the fireplace.

The evening ended with a yummy bottle Bundaberg, the famous Tim Tam cakes and surely chips.

Yours Murph

Donnelly River, Australia - 12th November 2016

Hi Mum and Dad,


It was time for a Cruise – well – this boat looked small. It didn’t matter, we wanted to cruise on the Donnelly River.

This boat looked good – and I saw the Captain.

We drove from the Karri-Forests to the Ocean.

Surely I had the best place on the boat.

Look there was some sand.

The trip was relaxing!

When we went near to the ocean, we saw some small hills.

This looked exciting. What will be behind the curve?

The rock looked great!

There was the beach – and behind it the sea.

This was the way we came.

The beach looked so beautiful. Behind me you can see the river.

The boat waited for us.

The beach was great – and there were only 4 other pessengers from the boat here with us.

Then we had to go back on the boat.

We had tea and fantastic muffins.

On the way back we saw this small cottages.

We really enjoyed the trip!

You can see where we went today. At ‘you are here’ was the start and end – and we went to the ocean.

Yours Murph

Cape Leeuwin , Australia - 13th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


You need to visit a beautiful lighthouse in every holiday! This was the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. We saw so many tourist here as never before during this holiday.

Here you can see the flag.

This is one of the houses, where the light keepers lived with their families.

Wow – this lighthouse is the highest in Western Australia and the third highest in Australia.

We were not allowed to leave the ways, because there were snakes in the grass.

The lighthouse was so beautiful!

And I loved the view here.

This was a great point – two oceans meet here.

Yours Murph

Mammoth Cave , Australia - 13th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


Time to climb under the ground. We visited the beautiful Mammoth Cave. We were allowed to visit it on our own. We had an audio-guide.

The first hall was very big!

This cave was famous, because they found fossils there. Here we saw a bone.

There were more bones.

It was a great visit.

But it became exhausting at the end – we had to climb up 200 steps.

Yours Murph

Margaret River , Australia - 14th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


We were in Margaret River in a nice house. There was a place called amaze’n near to it. What a funny name. Next to the mazes were a botanical garden.

This was the entrance to a maze – will I find the exit?

Dicker Kumpel and I found it together.

We had to rest – it was very hot today.

Oups, this was the entrance to a very big maze – this looked difficult!

Which is the correct way?

A dead end again.

We were ready with the first half of the way – it looked difficult from here, too.

Fortunately we were able to escape and watched beautiful flowers.

This should be art – but for us - swings.

More plants.

Another difficult game.

What was this?

We were caught in the net of a giant bird.

But we were able to escape on this bike.

What an exciting day! Love Murph

Busselton, Australia - 15th November 2016

Hello Mum and Dad,


I want to show you our holiday house. This was the nice view from our veranda over a small lake.

The lake was really beautiful.

You can see our cottage there.

We had enough place to relax in the living-room.

Then we drove to Busselton. They have a 1,8 km long jetty there. A small train drove on it, but we preferred walking.

Look, see-gulls with their chicken.

We were far away from the coast.

But there was a longer way to walk.

No idea, what this was – probably arts…

Look, a Fisher man.

Back on the safe land, we saw this old crane.

It was nice here.

Then we continued our trip to Mandurah. The weather wasn’t so nice here.

However it was beautiful.

We walked over this high bridge.

There were many small boats.

And surely arts again.

The view from our next apartment was nice, too. There were many beautiful birds on the stone in the lake, but there were too far away for photos with me.

Yours Murph

Lancelin, Australia - 17th November 2016

Hello Dad and Mum,


Time for another beach. However – this one should be cleared for the summer – it was a lot of seaweed on it.

But the color of the sea was beautiful!

Then we went to high Dunes. The Australians have their own sense of humor. This sign is for drivers, who stuck in the sand.

This looked beautiful. The small points on the Dune are humans – they drive on sand boards there.

I would have loved to drive in this sand buggy, but I wasn’t able to reach the accelerator.

Love Murph

Pinnacles Desert -  17.11.2016

Diese lustigen Formationen heißen Pinnacles. Es gibt sie an diesem Ort in verschiedenen Größen.



Mir gefallen sie gut.



Diese hier waren ganz schön groß.



Außerdem war es schon wieder windig.




Es war eine tolle Fahrt durch diese Landschaft.



Von dem Aussichtspunkt konnte ich ganz viele von den Pinnacles sehen – und auch viele Touristen.



Am Abend sind wir noch ein wenig in Cervantes am Strand gewesen. Bald sind wir wieder im kalten Deutschland, da müssen wir den blauen Himmel und die Wärme noch genießen.



Dort hinten waren die Schiffe von den Fischern.



New Norcia -  19.11.2016

Wir haben auf dem Weg nach Perth in North Norcia gehalten. Es ist eine Mönchstadt, das war spannend. Hinter mir ist das St Getrude’s College.



Daneben stand ein anderes College, das fast genauso aussah.




Das ist die Abbey Church.




Und hier ist ein Blick in das Kloster.



In diesem Hotel haben wir lecker gegessen. Leider war es ansonsten in dem Ort sehr heiß und es waren unheimlich viele Fliegen unterwegs.




Perth -  20.11.2016

Wir sind in Perth, der einsamsten Großstadt der Welt, oder so. Die nächste Großstadt ist wohl sehr weit entfernt. Das war uns aber egal – wir haben uns die schicken Häuser angeschaut.



Die Straßen sind schon weihnachtlich geschmückt.



Schau mal, die hohen neuen Häuser hinter den niedrigen alten Häusern.



Das Theater fand ich richtig schön.



Aber auch die Hochhäuser sind schick.



Eine kleine Kirche.



Ein anderes altes Haus.



Diese Männer waren lustig – sie zeigten die Entwicklung der Geschäftsleute in den letzten Jahrhunderten.



London Court ist eine schicke kleine Mall.





Hier sieht man noch mal gut den Unterschied zwischen Alt und Neu.



Der Mann war sehr sportlich.



Das ist das Rathaus.



Mitten in der Stadt gibt es Kängurus.



Wir durften mit einem durch die Gegend springen.




Wirklich toll!



In der Nähe waren weitere schöne Gebäude…



…und kleine Gnome.



Das ist der Glockenturm.



Und dann haben wir die Skyline von Perth gesehen.



Perth -  21.11.2016

Heute ist unser letzter Tag in Australien. Das Flugzeug fliegt erst abends ab, also ist es noch Zeit für einen Besuch im Zoo. Scheinbar war es den Pinguinen in der Sonne zu warm.



Hier konnte ich etwas über alle Pinguine der Welt lernen.



Dahinten saßen schicke Vögel.



Diese großen Vögel waren beeindruckend.




Hier schlafen stachelige Gesellen.



Kängurus dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen.



Das ist ein merkwürdiger Baum!



Kennst Du Numbats? Wir sind auf einem geritten.




Der Baum ist lustig, seine Früchte sehen wir Würste aus.



Diese freundliche Schildkröte hat uns dann zum Flughafen gebracht. Es war ein schöner Urlaub in Australien.