12.01.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Today we went into the forest. I wanted to show Soeren and Sean mushrooms that are growing in the winter. Are there really mushrooms?

Actually there were some – they are called smoky gilled woodlover - and they are eatable!

You know these mushrooms! You often find them in Chinese food.

This is a typical mushroom that only grows in the winter time – the velvet food.

The forest looked great!

I watched out for my famous mushrooms.

Wow, there they were!

Weren’t they beautiful? They are called scarlet elf cup…

Also in the wintertime the forest is fascinating.

Even a small flower bloomed yet.

Greetings Murph

25.01.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, last week we found this mushroom. A sensation! The morel grew much too early.

How will it look like today?

A morel in the snow – this is funny. You won’t see this often in your life.

The winter arrived after all.

Can this be right?

What do you think?

Snow is really beautiful…

…and wet…

At home we found a cozy hot place, because we had to dry.

Until soon Murph

08.02.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today a new guest arrived.

It was Jasper, a moose from Switzerland.

We took a long walk in this forest.

There were great mushrooms in the forest. I already show it to you. Now I wanted to look, if they grew in the last days.

Wow, how beautiful. Did I tell you that I love these mushrooms?

This lake was frozen.

But we found the spring at a lot of places. The wild arum started to grow.

The Black elder already got leaves.

And the snowdrops were blooming.

A wonderful day in the forest.

Until soon Murph

16.02.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, what an exciting day. I found mushrooms, which are really rare in Germany!

The mushrooms are the small white dots on the horse droppings.

The droppings came from these lovely ponies.

At home I had to work hard. A close look through the binocular microscope.

Then I put a small piece of the mushroom under the microscope.

Now to the miscroscope.

You can see the spores of the mushroom on my laptop.

Now it is time for the most difficult part of all – to find the name in the books.

It was a great day. This mushroom only exists on 3 places in Germany. Murph

20.03.2014 - Coppenbrügge

Hello, another day with wonderful sunshine. These mountains were our call – they are called „Adam and Eva“.

Let’s go!

We have to go up there – this is really steep! This will be exhausting!

When we arrived at the top it was time for a rest. Isn’t it beautiful?

Look, there were the rocks. It won’t be too far now.

Finally we arrived. These are „Adam and Eva“.

On our way back we found bear’s garlic.

It was already big – maybe we can collect it next week-end. Until soon Murph

29.03.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, we went into the forest again. There were flowers everywhere – all were blooming! Great! Beautiful cowslips

Sweet violets

The orchids didn't bloom yet.

Another flower: wood anemones

We wanted to collect bear’s garlic. We took our basket.

What a wonderful view – bear's garlic – as far as you can see.

Where should we start? Here!

I cut the bear's garlic and put it into the basket. Our basket was full.

This is the bear's garlic paradise!!!

Until soon Murph

30.03.2014 - Hasede

Hello, today was the last day with Soeren here. We absolutely wanted to enjoy the sunshine. A beautiful forest. Everywhere were blooming flowers.

Didn’t it look nice?

A beaver gnew at this tree – this is really rare here.

A flower with green blossoms: the green hellebore

At the end we found a mushroom: the Bleach cup. It smells like chlorine.

At home I had to say goodbye to Soeren. We had a great time together, but now it is time for him to go home.

Greetings Murph

06.04.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, We wanted to search for morels in this beautiful forest today.

First I will show you two flowers. The spring vetch:

and the Yellow star of Bethlehem

We search these mushrooms – they were really good in hiding.

But there have to be more – let’s see.

Maybe there will be one?…

Here it is.

And many more – how great. Next week we will show our new guest these wonderful mushrooms –hopefully we will find more.

And finally the orchids start blooming.

Yours Murph

12.04.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, the weather was wonderful. We went into the forest. First we found these beautiful kidneyworts.

Then we found these small mushrooms. Can you see it?

Here you have a better view – they were half-free morels.

Finally the orchids bloom.

Where are the yellow morels?

I found one.

Then we found more and more.

Tomorrow we will return with our baskets and then we will collect yellow morels. Many greetings Murph

13.04.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today we will collect yellow morels. Let’s start.

Where are they? They play hide and seek with us.

Then we find one.

I cut it and put it into the basket.

Jasper found the next one.

Wow – our baskets got full! DottyCroc found one, too.

There were no more place in our baskets, they were full.

Let’s go home – it will be yummy!

Yours Murph

08.06.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it is very hot!

Nevertheless we went into the forest. Maybe we will find mushrooms.

Immediately we found one. It is called Chicken of the woods - funny color, isn’t it?

A beautiful flower: the Purple foxglove

And then this: a small King bolete. We left it in the forest, because it was too small.

Another mushroom: a Common stinkhorn

Puh, mushrooms can smell really bad!

These blossoms smell much better: the Black elder

What a beautiful mushroom!

We smelt it – it smells like vinegar…

This plant is really rare here, but beautiful: the Wood cow wheat

Finally I show you this mushroom. Many people love its taste.

What a wonderful day in the forest, although it was very hot!

Yours Murph

29.06.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it rained today, nevertheless we wanted to go into the forest. Maybe we will find mushrooms.

We found mushrooms. First it was a small king bolete.

This beautiful mushroom is eatable... a Blusher

And this small mushroom is really hot –we didn’t try it.

Another mushroom: the tawny grisette

We had to hide under the trees because of the rain.

This plant looked interesting. It was not green.

At the end we found a nice portion of chanterelles... Yummy

A wonderful day in the forest! Yours Murph

06.07.2014 - Hildesheim

Hello, today we took a long walk. We started in this small forest.

The first mushroom: The Miller- it really smelt like flour.

Imagine that – we found truffles.

And another beautiful cup

At the moment we only find small mushrooms - not enough for taking it with us…

On our way back we walked over a big meadow.

There weren’t mushrooms, but beautiful flowers.

And this plant is very rare: the Restharrow

I never saw this flower before:

Until soon Murph

12.07.2014 - Elend

Hello, today we drove to a meeting with my friends, who like mushrooms like I do. This was the meeting point. Everybody said that the pea soup was very delicious.

We went into a wonderful forest.

There was a meadow with wild orchids in it…

...and colorful mushrooms!

This forest was really great.

We found mushroom – wonderful color, wasn’t it?

I love this forest!

Yours Murph

27.07.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today HolgiHH said goodbye to DottyCroc and Kleine Fee.

Then I went into the forest with HolgiHH and Dicker Kumpel. At the beginning we found these beautiful flowers.

] It wasn’t funny in the forest. Because nearly all mushrooms were eaten by snails.

But I found a star in the forest.

Often there were butterflies sitting on these flowers. Unfortunately there weren’s butterflies today.

This mushroom has a great colour, hasn’t it?

People often think that it is the king bolete. But it is not – and it is really bitter…

A really wonderful forest.

] The black trumpets are really yummy, but not easy to find.

Then it was time to say goodbye.

Hopefully he will find the way, but he is a very intelligent donkey and he will make it!

Yours Murph

07.09.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it was time for DottyCroc to travel home. Before he left we wanted to go into the forest again.

First we found a small king bolete – too small for taking it with us.

These mushrooms have a funny name in Germany – they are called ears of donkeys.

These green mushrooms smell really good.

Very yummy! Aniseed toadstool

Everybody knows these plants, we think.

I love these mushrooms!

But I didn‘t see this mushroom before – an Umbrella polypore

Al least we found a nice umbrella.

Greetings Murph

13.09.2014 - Diekholzen

Hello, today we went into the forest. We wanted to collect mushrooms.

This seemed to be a good place – we should find some here.

Look, there was the first mushroom.

It was a wonderful king bolete.

Mefito cut it.

It was his first king bolete.

He was so proud!

There should be more.

There was another.

Our baskets were full.

It was time to go home.

Greetings Murph

21.09.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, a new day in the forest. Let’s try to find mushrooms.

We found a lot of mushrooms! Very poisonous ones… A death cap

The false death cap

The destroying angel – what a name

Some were very yummy… False saffron milk caps

Sheats woodtufts


What a great day in the forest!

But there were some funny mushrooms –great shapes

Very big clubes…

…and wonderful colors.

And surely we found some rare mushrooms. Spotted tricholomas

And slimy spike-caps. I saw this mushroom for the first time in my life.

And this flower is for you.

Yours Murph

28.09.2014 - Hamburg

Hello, today I was at a meeting of mushroom-friends. This was the place where we met.

Indeed – it was the cemetery of Ohlsdorf in the middle of Hamburg – it is one of the biggest cemeteries of the world.

These mushrooms are very yummy.

It is a very beautiful place.

I really love to eat these mushrooms.

These not – because they are poisonous…

I liked the many old graves.

This mushroom is famous – everyone knows it.

I didn’t find the English name for this mushroom. Never mind – but you get pain in the stomach by it.

So many mushrooms on a cemetery…great! I like this place.

Yours Murph

26.10.2014 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, I was in the forest again today.

I found funny mushrooms. These mushrooms live on other mushrooms.

I won’t sit in this bench anymore.

Do you know this tree?

These are its fruits.

And another mushroom living on a mushroom.

Many mushrooms grow in big rings in the forest.

This mushroom can create rings, too.

On my last photo I show you a mushroom that came from Australia. Since some years it grows in Germany too – and it has a really bad smell.

Until soon Murph

09.11.2014 - Salzgitter

Hello, today I took a long way around a beautiful lake.

There were many works of art along the lake…

Many swans live on the lake.

And here was a long sandy beach.

I even found some palm trees.

It is a great lake.

The weather was so great – I enjoyed the sunshine.

Yours Murph