13.01.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today we were able to go into the forest.

Of course we found mushrooms there.

Unfortunately all mushrooms were frozen, so we didn’t take them with us.

Can you see the mushroom on the tree over there? It was the Piptoporus betulinus. This fungus was carried by „Ötzi the Iceman“– a 5.000 year old mummy. Archaeologists speculate that the Iceman used the birch polypore for medicinal purposes.

In the wintertime there were berries for the birds in the forest.

We liked these mushrooms a lot! We absolutely wanted to have a photo with it.

We took a rest although it was really cold.

We found Oyster mushrooms, too. Surely they were frozen.

Many more mushrooms. But they were not eatable.

The berries looked wonderful in the wintertime, didn’t they?

Then we had to go home. It was cold and we were wet. Many greetings Murph

02.02.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, the weather was awful today.

Nevertheless we went into the forest and searched mushrooms. Even I didn’t see this mushroom before. The orange mock oyster.

Everybody knows this mushroom – the yelly ears. Chinese restaurants often use it in their meals.

Actually there was ice on this lake.

Weren’t theses mushrooms beautiful? The color is great. I love these scarlett elf cups.

Didn’t his looked like a liana in the jungle?

What a beautiful forest.

Many greetings Murph

02.03.2013 - Bodensteiner Klippen

Hello, eventually we had sunshine! We drove to the Bodensteiner cliffs and wanted to search the spring. We found a little of it.

There was still a lot of snow in the forest. During the summer you see water coming out here.

These cliffs were beautiful, weren’t they?

We saw a lot of holes in the cliffs. Where are they for?

I absolutely wanted to have one more photo with the cliffs.

On the way back we walked along this small river.

The river flows into this lake. We searched a beautiful place and enjoyed the sunshine.

I don’t like the snow anymore. Hopefully it will be warmer soon. Until soon Murph

17.03.2013 - Winzenburg

Hello, today we went to a holy spring. Many people take water from it. It should help against sicknesses.

This was the main spring.

The water was so bright!

Here you see 2 other springs – coming directly out of the hill.

There was a small altar next to the spring. People sacrifices things here, and hope that the spring never stops.

The water from the spring feed this river.

Hopefully it will be warmer soon, because we want to search mushrooms.

Greetings Murph

24.03.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it is so frustrating. I don’t want to leave the house. There is snow everywhere. I don’t want to see snow anymore!

Where are my orchids? Where are my morels?

Look here! No bear’s garlic! Only snow!

OK – at least this small spring has a beautiful story.

There should be a small church in the past. One night all bells rang at midnight and the church sank. The next day there was this lake at this place. We really thought about the truth of this story for a long time. But who knows it?

Well – I will go back home now. And I won’t come out of the house before the winter is over and the snow is away! Until then Murph

01.04.2013 - Duingen

Hello, there was still snow outside. I didn’t want to go out. But Bine told us that fresh air is good for our health. So I was back in the snow. Near to the parking lot I said hello to this snowman.

Can you see, how much snow we have?

Okay, the lake was really beautiful.

It is already frozen.

On the pier we took a short break.

There was snow on the ice!

We still found Easter eggs. But the chocolate eggs were much better!

Actually they still exist!

Many greetings Murph

14.04.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, finally the spring started! Last weekend there was snow in the forest. And today we found many flowers. This was amazing! But look: spring snowflakes.


The orchids didn't bloom yet.

What a beautiful cave in this tree.

Another flower: daphne mezereum

And so many kidneyworts. We urgently wanted to have a photo.

We even found the first mushrooms.

Oh no! What an awful view. I was so angry. I hate these machines. They are monsters!

They destroy the whole forest.


Until soon Murph

21.04.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, there were flowers everywhere – all were blooming! Great!

Beautiful cowslips.

Lesser celandine everywhere.

It looked so great!

There was another spring flower : the hollowroot – birthwort. You can see the reason for our walk on the photo, too. ;-)

We wanted to collect bear’s garlic. What a wonderful view – bear's garlic – as far as you can see.

We took our basket.

Where should we start?


I cut the bear's garlic and put it into the basket.

Our basket was full.

 This is the bear's garlic paradise!!!

Until soon Murph

28.04.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

 Hello, today we searched morels. On our way into the forest we passed this beautiful meadow.

There were many cowslips. I never saw so many of them at one place.

I saw the first blooming orchid!

And this beautiful flower. It was the green hellebore. Can you see the green blooms?

There were no morels yet. But this big cup. It smells like chlorine.

The bleach cup normally arrives shortly before the morels. Hopefully we will find some soon – they are so yummy! Many greetings Murph

04.05.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, a new day in the forest. Will they be there – the morels? This flower smells good: sweet violets

The spring vetch

What a beautiful orchid! I love these flowers!

But where are the morels? There – we found it! Can you see it? It was hidden!

You can see it better here- our first morel!

But there must be more...

There were two – we took them.

We searched for a long time and found many more. What a big fun!

I love this forest. Until soon Murph

11.05.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today we searched St. Georg’s mushrooms. But look, what we found – morels. First we found a half-free morel.

Then a very big one…

We saw scaly polypore, too.

And so many orchids…

The morels played hide and seek with us. Can you see it?

] Here it was.

Playing hide and seek was so much fun. We won and found all morels.

At the end we found 4 small St. Georg’s mushrooms. It won’t enough to eat for all of us.

However it was a wonderful day in the forest.

Until soon Murph

19.05.2013 - Langenholzen

Hello, today I visited a beautiful nature reserve. Didn’t it look great?

There were many different wild orchids. I show you the most beautiful flowers.

There were orchids with green blooms.

Wow – this one was big!

All over the meadow there were snowdrop windflowers.

This flower is really rare in Lower-Saxony. You only find it in a few nature reserves. Do you know it? It is the lady’s slipper orchid.

We wanted urgently a photo with this group of orchids.

On the way back to our car we met these friendly guys.

Cows or sheep were needed to care for the nature reserves. What a wonderful place. Until soon Murph

20.05.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, the weather was not so great today. Nevertheless we decided to take a walk. Wasn’t that the perfect camouflage for GustavHH? I love this color!

You surely know this plant. It blooms all over the forest now.

There were many St. Georg’s mushrooms at the moment, too.

The bear’s garlic blooms.

And we still found a big old morel.

This plant looked really funny. The wild arum is very poisonous.

This looks great – doesn’t it? Aren’t we beautiful?

Greetings Murph

02.06.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, we went into the forest and wanted to find a rare mushroom. But what a shock!

One of my most beautiful forests. It looked so awful.

We were afraid that we wouldn't find the mushroom. But we were lucky. Here it was: the violet crown cup. Unfortunately ours were white.

Probably it was the fault of the rain. There were many streams in the forest where never where water before.

Another mushroom! Great color, wasn't it? It is very yummy, but our mushroom was too old. He has a funny name: chicken of the woods.

GustavHH loves this colour.

Look – GustavHH found a beautiful umbrella? Sadly it was too small for me.

The day in the forest was wonderful. But what a tragedy! Unfortunately many forests look like this at the moment.

Who knows how long we will see mushrooms and trees here? Many greetings Murph

09.06.2013 - Hockeln

Hello, today we searched rare butterflies. They should fly next to this river.

There were many of these windows. They should show beautiful views. Hm, this one is not really nice, is it?

But I really loved these beautiful flowers.

We continued our walk along the river.

Another Lily – really beautiful too, isn’t it?

There were some rare butterflies on these wild violets. We saw them, but they didn’t want to have a photo with us. They didn’t sat long enough on the flowers for a good photo.

But it was a wonderful walk along the river.

Many greetings Murph

30.06.2013 - Diekholzen

Hello, another day in the forest. We found king boletes.

And another flower: herb robert. Rike, don’t you have it in your garden, too?

Wow! Chanterelles! Many people love these mushrooms.

This small river is really cute, isn’t it?

Much more king boletes! We were so sorry that we forgot our baskets.

This scrub is blooming all over the forest now: the black elder.

This mushroom is very yumma, but sadly I don’t know the English name for it.

What a wonderful day in the forest.

Next weekend we will go on holidays. We are so excited. Hopefully we will have internet, because I want to show you my photos soon. Until soon Murph

19.07.2013 - Hockeln

Hello, although it was very hot, we took a walk along a river. HoBi had a new camera and wanted to try it out.

We found wild thyme. It was really rare here.

And we saw beautiful trees and flowers.

It was a really wonderful river.

Then we went into the forest. We wanted to search mushrooms. And we found a lurid bolete, even though it was so dry.

This mushroom grows in the summer time, when it is really hot. Unfortunately I don’t know the English name for it.

I only knew these flowers in gardens.

At the end we found bitter beech boletes. It is rare here, but it is not eatable.

We urgently need rain, because we want to find more mushrooms. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Many greetings Murph

04.08.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Matcha is so excited. Maybe he will complete one of his life missions today. It is so hot and too dry here. But maybe we will find mushrooms – so let’s start.

First we found this big mushroom. Sadly I didn’t know its English name.

There were many butterflies in the forest.

And here they were! Unbelievable! We found velvet bittlegills. They were very yummy.

Matcha was so happy!

The first basket was full. Will we find more?

We found one ruby bolete. We allowed it to stay in the forest.

Wasn’t this map butterfly beautiful?

It has to rain. We want to find more mushrooms.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Many greetings Murph

25.08.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, will there be more mushrooms? It was still very dry. But the big surprise: many lurid boletes.

They were too big for our baskets!

But look – unfortunately there were many grubs in it! So they had to stay here. Can you see it? The mushrooms went blue!

But these here were good. The name is dotted stem bolete. They were very yummy – but too big for us. Holgi took them home for us.

] Will this mushroom be yummy?

I told them to smell it!

Ugh, the mushrooms smelt like vinegar. The bitter beech boletes are not delicious...

…but very beautiful!

At the end we found this rare mushroom. Unfortunately we don't know its English name.

At home we cleaned the mushrooms!

Tomorrow we will have delicious mushrooms! Until soon Murph

12.09.2013 - Hildesheim

Hello, today it was Manganinnie’s last day here in Bad Salzdetfurth. We went to a nature reserve near to Hildesheim.

We saw many flowers.

And surely some mushrooms: rooting boletes

It was a great view over Hildesheiim.

This plant is rare in these days: the restharrow

Where will this way go to?

What a great view!

We found this giant puffball next to a cow paddock. What a surprise!

Until soon Murph

15.09.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello , today we wanted to search mushrooms.

At first we found this mushroom – every child knows it.

These mushrooms taste hot: peppery boletes

And here! We found an earth star in the forest!

This plant looked funny. The wild arum is very poisonous.

Another mushroom ;-): a little king bolete.

A little break.

This mushroom is very, very poisonous. Each year many people were killed by the poison of these mushrooms. It is called the death cap.

Do you know this plant? The deadly nightshade is also very poisonous. But there are some people, who eat these berries. Then they get a jag and do strange things…

The lion shield is rare here. What a wonderful colour 

At the end we found more stars! Don’t they look great? They are my famous mushrooms!

It was a wonderful day in the forest!

Until soon Murph

13.10.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it was a wonderful fall day. So we went into the forest.

Of course we wanted to find mushrooms. The first mushroom is called the panther cap. It is very, very poisonous.

We found a new mushroom for TobiHH’s life mission. It was a white mushroom – the common helvel.

Maybe you know this plant – it was the water mint.

What a wonderful mushroom: a magpie fungus

Ugh, these mushrooms smelt like garlic.

What a wonderful forest.

These mushrooms were good. The name is sheated woodtuft. They were very yummy. 

We found this sign in the forest. HoBi don't like these animals. We are not fussed about them - we are ToyVoyagers.

Another colour for TobiHHs lifemission – orange!

At the end we found this rare mushroom. Unfortunately we don't know its English name. But it was really purple.

What a wonderful day in the forest! Yours Murph

19.10.2013 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, it is time that we have a closer look on TobiHH’s life mission: mushrooms in 9 different colors – that’s a lot!

Let’s see how many colors we already found.

We should write down all the colors …

… and then we count the colors.

We only have 8 colors now. One is still missing. What color could this be for a mushroom?

We know that black mushrooms exist. Will we find one? Keep your fingers crossed for us! Until soon Murph

20.10.2013 - Hildesheim

Hello, today we went over a big meadow. We took a long walk!

There were mushrooms on these meadows – and they looked beautiful.

Far away we saw a big flock of sheep. Unfortunately you cannot really recognize it on the photo.

More mushrooms – and they were in a beautiful yellow!

We continued our walk – maybe we will find a black mushroom.

Didn’t these small worms look funny? They are mushrooms too…

I especially like these trees.

Another mushroom – unfortunately it was not black, too.

What a wonderful day on this meadow. Sadly we didn’t find black mushrooms here – hopefully we will find some soon.

Until soon Murph

10.11.2013 - Hildesheim

Hello, today must be the day! We want to find the black mushrooms. Because up to now we found 9 different colors. The black ones should be here!

But first we had a view over Hildesheim!

What a beautiful big mushroom – but it was not black!

We also found some nice flowers!

There are hardly any leaves on the trees. We had to rush to fulfill Tobi’s life mission. It is nearly impossible to find mushrooms when it is cold.

Unbelievable! Can you see the small black thing in our middle?

Wow, we did it! Tobi’s life mission is completed.

There were really mushrooms in 10 different colors. Greetings Murph