28.02.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hi, It was the last day of SunnyHH’s visit – and I wanted to show him some mushrooms before he leave. First we went to my famous mushrooms in this time. Weren’t they beautiful? They are called scarlet elf cup and they are very rare in Germany.

Oops – we had a problem. Where should we go – the whole path was icy!

Fortunately I knew another way. So we went to our next mushroom. It was very small! Can you see the small black point? It was the hairy black cup.

We were happy to find flowers – maybe the spring is coming now?

I am sure that most people know the next mushroom. You certainly ate it in a Chinese Restaurant. It is called jelly ear or Mu-Err.

The last mushroom is rare in Germany again – it is the spring hazelcup.

Many greetings Murph

10.03.2012 - Winzenburg

Hi, Today we went into the forest and searched bear’s garlic. On our way we saw the holy spring. The water here should help against illnesses.

People found 5000 years old sacrificial offerings next to the „ Appenteichquellen“. Today people sacrifice things on the small altar next to the springs.

Don’t worry, Rike! I wasn’t sacrificed. Here you can see another photo of the spring.

Next to it, there were many old trees in the forest. I didn’t found mushrooms on the trees.

On our way to the ear’s garlic we found these beautiful flowers. They were spring snowflakes.

The bear’s garlic was too small for collecting. But soon we will eat it.

Then we climbed up a mountain. This is the ruin of the Winzenburg.

In the Past donkeys carried water from the spring to the top of the mountain, because the people in the Castle needed it. The poor donkeys – the way was really steep. Many greetings Murph

24.03.2012 - Hasede

Hello, Today I was in the Haseder Busch again. Everywhere the flowers were blooming. It is so colorful – the spring started!

I took a lot of photos of the spring flowers. It is not easy to find the yellow star of Bethlehem.

There were flowers with green blossoms – the green hellebore. Can you see it?

These were yellow wood anemones.

Rike, can you tell me, what the two toads were doing there? It looked funny.

These flowers (Hollowroot-birthwort) had a strange smell, but they were very beautiful.

I loved the view of the forest from here!

And here is another beautiful photo if the yellow star of Bethlehem.

Beautiful wood anemones.

This river flows around the forest – it is called Innerste.

I already showed this flower to you this year. It was really small then – do you remember the commun butterbur?

Of course I found a mushroom, too. It was the bleach cup. It smells like a swimming pool, to tell the truth – it stunk!

You know this flower in lilac – here it was in white.

I really love the spring time, when all the flowers start blooming. Many greetings Murph

15.04.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Today I went into the forest and searched yellow morels. I know a lot of places, where these mushrooms are. On my way to one of the places I enjoyed my life in the sunshine.

I found mushrooms – but only anemone cups and other non eatable mushrooms.

I didn’t show you this beautiful flower before. It was a spring vetch. It is really rare in Germany.

Then I arrived at the right place. There must be yellow morels somewhere.

I searched under the leaves. The morels are really good in hiding.

It’s a pity. There were no yellow murels here – maybe it was too cold.

So I have to wait. But there were other beautiful flowers in the forest.

At the end I show you a flower that I never saw before. I found it in the monastery garden. It was a marsh marigold. It was really beautiful!

I am looking forward to the next weekend – we will see each other again! Many greetings Murph

01.05.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Today it was the last day of HömpfMömpf here. We went into the forest and searched mushrooms.

First we found Maiporlinge.

Then I showed HömpfMömpf the wild arum. It is very poisonous.

The scaly polypore is eatable. But we didn’t search it.

There were wild orchids. Very beautiful flowers! I love it!

Later we found the mushrooms that we wanted to find – yellow morels. They are very rare and so yummy!

Many greetings Murph

06.05.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, I am waiting for Ceylon. Where is he?

I planned such a great trip with him today. I went to the stairs so many times. It is the place for our mail.

But the place was empty all day. So what should I do. I will do the trip later, when Ceylon will be here. Today I went into the forest and search mushrooms.

At the beginning I found brown cups. They were really big!

Then I found flowers.

This looks like the entrance to a fairy forest. I will have a look what I find behind it.

Uiii, many wonderful mushrooms. You already know it. There are a lot of them this year.

On this chestnut tree I found something really interesting!

St. Georg’s mushrooms. Holgi and I took them with us – it will be our dinner. Very yummy!

I hope that Ceylon and I will make this planned trip next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Love Murph

20.05.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Ceylon and I went into the forest today.

Have you ever seen so many blooming bear’s garlics? It looked great.

I showed Ceylon the St. Georg’s mushrooms. They are eatable.

Then Ceylon met this friendly snail. He wanted to make a race with it. They started!

I cheered for Ceylon! Next to me was the finish line. Have a look, who won.

The snail recognized that Ceylon was faster. She didn’t want to lose – and went away. I was sad, becauseI was sure that Ceylon would have been the winner!

After this exhausting race we made a rest under this wild orchid.

Later we found other mushrooms - dotted stem boletes. They are very delicious.

These mushrooms were great. They get blue, when you cut them.

It looks great! Many greetings Murph

17.06.2012 - Mölln

Hello, I really wanted to search mushrooms with my friend Dicker Kumpel. We went to Mölln and met some of my mushroom-friends.

The weather was horrible. It rained all the day. But no problem for us – we went to the ‘Krebssee’ and searched for mushrooms.

My friends didn’t have a problem with the weather.

We decided to sit under the tree – and watch the others!

We found one mushroom.

But it stunk!!!

In the afternoon we explored the terrain of Uhlenkolk. I never saw such a big Indian tent!

What a wonderful barbecue place- Maybe we can have a big TV-meeting here?

And I found this beautiful flower.

I wanted to have a look into the tent, but it was closed.

We examined the mushrooms in this house.

Unfortunately we had bad weather and didn’t find so many mushrooms.

But of course it was a great day with my best friend Dicker Kumpel! Many greetings Murph

24.06.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Today I went into the forest with Maxi. We wanted to find mushrooms.

And we found some – the grey spotted amanitas.

Then we enjoyed the wonderful weather.

The purple foxglove was so beautiful.

I am sure that you know the next mushroom.

On our way back we saw these bunnies – real nice guys!

I love to spent some time on this bench.

Next to the bench we found the wood cow wheat. It is very rare here.

What a wonderful day in the forest. Love Murph

15.07.2012 - Gernrode

Hello , Today I visited a good friend of mine. I didn’t see him for 2 years.

We had to talk about a lot of things!

Then we went into the forest and searched mushrooms.

We found the first mushrooms – but they were not eatable.

This mushroom was killed by the biggest enemy of the mushrooms.

Let’s see, maybe we will find the enemy.

Hey – there is it. The snail is the biggest enemy of the mushrooms – and the mushroom-friends.

The first chanterelles!

We found many of it!

Beautiful hats – aren’t they?

Then we had to have a break.

We found some king boletes.

This mushroom is not eatable, but very beautiful.

We heard a strange sound in the forest – it sounded like a steam train. In fact there was a small train. It went onto the Brocken Mountain.

At the end we found the most beautiful mushrooms. We don’t find them very often. Orange birch boletes - so big!

I couldn’t believe it!

Then we went back to the car, because it started to rain!. I said goodbye to Fliegie.

It was great to see Fliegie again!

yours Murph

15.09.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, there must be mushrooms somewhere!

And look! Can you see these 3 beautiful birch boletes?

We cut them!

Then we found more!

There were a lot if it!

Maybe we will find more?

PinkyHH called us!

She found one!

This mushroom must come with us!

All the mushrooms were in the baskets.

Then we went home – it should be yummy!

Finally we found mushrooms – what a great day! Love Murph

07.10.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Yippee! Finally it rained. We sat at the window and watched the rainfall.

We went outside and searched mushrooms. The forest was really wet again!

At the beginning we found earth stars. I love these mushrooms.

And have a look here!

So many mushrooms - sheathed wood tufts.

They are very yummy!

I took a look at every mushroom. The sheathed wood tufts have a poisonous twin.

After my control we put the mushrooms into our baskets and went home.

It is great that there are mushrooms again. Maybe we will find king boletes next weekend. Until soon Murph

13.10.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today we absolutely wanted to find king boletes. They should be very yummy. First we found a mushroom – every child knows it.

Then it was the great moment – we found or first two king boletes. Don’t they look yummy? But it would not be enough for us – we needed more.

Wow!!! Three more king boletes! Can you see me?

It was good, that these mushrooms didn’t fit into our baskets. So I didn’t had to carry our dinner.

At the end I showed PinkyHH and Sofia an aniseed toadstool. It had the smell of Anise.

Will it be enough for all of us?

We prepared all and then we cooked it.

It was so yummy! I want more of it! Yours Murph

20.10.2012 - Duingen

Hello, the weather was beautiful today. We took a trip. Isn’t this lake wonderful?

On our way to another lake we found this funny tree. Can you see what hang on it? Old pacifiers. Children put their pacifiers on the tree when they are too old for it.

The weather was so wonderful!

The leaves of the trees were so colorful!

We didn’t want to go home.

Yours Murph

02.12.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, we went outside. We wanted to find out if we can find mushrooms in the winter time. And we found some. Unfortunately they were not eatable.

This small red mushroom grows only in the winter. The scarlett elf cup is very rare. Maybe we will see a bigger one later.

We had some snow – but not much.

The oyster mushroom is very yummy, but this one was too small.

Look – we got more snow!

We hardly saw the next mushrooms in the snow.

They were trooping funnel mushrooms – not yummy…

I received a wonderful postcard from my friend Stoker – I had to show it to you!