14.10.2010 - Oberhof

Hello, we were on a training course for mushrooms the whole week. Each morning we went into the forests – beautiful, isn't it?

We went through the forests and searched beautiful mushrooms. I found a star, and put it into the basket.

At the end of the walk – all baskets looked like this.

Sometimes it was so exhausting – and I had to make a break.

Really relaxing – to sit in the sunshine. The afternoons were hard enough. All mushrooms were put on the tables:

And all got a name. For the more difficult cases I used the microscope and helped the others.

After this strenuous day I relaxed on the couch and watched TV.

To tell the truth – I am an expert for mushrooms now – so if someone need my help, just give me a call. Yours Murph

30.10.2010 - Duingen

Hello, today we made a great trip – I had a wonderful and exciting day with my friend Keinohrhase. Our first destination was the 'Bruchsee'.

It is a beautiful lake with many fishes, but unfortunately we didn't see them.

We wanted to go by boat, but it was too cold.

But the color of the boat is wonderful, isn't it? And there is such a beautiful Lake. With a sandy beach! We took a rest, sat down and enjoyed the great view over the Lake.

We went around the Lake – we walked with Bine and Holgi, because they promised a big adventure. We went to a real cave of a robber.

How exciting – a real robber. Should we really go into the cave? This is a photo of it:

In the cave there was a kitchen, a sleeping-room, a living-room and a prison.

Bine and Holgi were not able to come with us – they are too big. We risked it without them – we were two and really courageous.

It was really dark in the cave. The robber only had really small windows.

The robber was not at home. Great fortune for us! And we were happy to meet Bine and Holgi again. What an adventure! Many greetings Murph

28.11.2010 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hi, it snowed! Of course we wanted to go out in the snow. HoBi went with us into the forest, so we were able to play in the snow. The sun was shining – everything looked so beautiful!

Have you ever seen something like this? It was inside the forest.

It is a hotel for insects – the humans build it, and the insects can put their eggs into it. But there is no one in during the winter time. What a shame. I wanted to climb onto the tree trunks.

This was not easy because of the snow. It would have been great to fly like Hoots. Imagine – what we found in the Forest – the Easter Bunny!

Even though – the Easter bunny in the winter? Bine told us about the 1. advent – hm... Well – we found a cratch for the deer.

But it was empty – the deers don't need the human help at the moment. After it we drove to a big park in Lammspringe. Holgi and Bine showed us the Lammequelle (the spring of the River Lamme).

The Lamme flows through Bad Salzdetfurth. I already showed them. And here is the start of the Lamme. In the Park there are many beautiful lakes.

And we found this big steamroller – of course we wanted to play on it.

The Steamroller was on a big playground. We played not for a long time, because it went dark – and really cold. Maybe another time? We will bother Bine and Holgi – I am sure! At home Bine put us into a warm towel, so we became dry and warm again!

This was cuddly and we went warm soon. Today is the 1. advent – and it was time to light a candle.

As always we were hungry – and happy us – we got "Stollen" – really yummy!

When we were full – we looked at the Advent calendar. Where is the 28? It is advent time...

But Bine told us that the calender always starts on the first of december. So we have to wait some more days. Love Murph