15.03.2015 - Winzenburg

Hello, Today we went to a holy spring. Many people take water from it. It should help against sicknesses.

I searched the spring! Maybe I will find some beautiful flowers. The forest was full of it Spring snowflakes.

The orchids were not blooming yet-

The Cowslips neither.

The bear’s garlic was very small. But maybe I can collect some next week.

Greetings Murph

05.04.2015 - Sülfeld

Hello, Happy Easter to you! I met the Easter Bunny! It was so cute and friendly.

Then it was time for the search.

I found something!

Look, there was something in the basket – but it was high in the air.

I asked Long Hippo and he wanted to help me.

This was steep.

But I did it!

We had a great Easter Party!

Yours Murph

03.05.2015 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello friends, today I took a look at my hometown.

There are 2 big salines in the spa gardens. The people used it to produce salt in the past.

I love this place. It is called Summstein – you sit inside of it and bumble. Then the whole body prickles. Very funny!

Bad Salzdetfurth is an old miningtown. And you find memories of this time everywhere.

There are many half-timbered houses in Bad Salzdetfurth.

Today is a special day. There were many vintage cars in the town.

This was the oldest car here. It was nearly 100 years old.

We loved this car with the trailer. Many TVs could be in it.

I would love to own this car. Could you buy it for me, please? It looked great!

Yours Murph

14.05.2015 - Groß Düngen

Hello, How will it look like over there? This was a view from my new home - today we will go there and have a look.

What a wonderful smell!

Great, a nature reserve…

This looked great- didn’t it?

Here was an old weir.

The Lamme flows into the Innerste here.

You can see our house from this place!

A beautiful fishpond.

On our way back we saw these two beautiful orchids. I love these flowers.

The tower that I saw from my window belongs to a church.

This looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Back home at my house. These two lions are our guards.

Love Murph

17.05.2015 - Hameln

Hello, today we went to a wonderful park!

This park is famous for the old rhododendrons.

But there were many old trees, too.


We had a wonderful view to the river Weser.

I didn’t like this view that much. Can you see the nuclear power plant in the background?

There were many blooming scrubs at the moment.

What do you think? It was a wonderful park!

Many greetings Murph

15.06.2015 - Lautenthal

Hello, Today we visited a great museum.

We saw many old machines.

And a beautiful water wheel.

Even a train station was there.

We took this train into the mountain – how amazing!

Let‘s go here…

We met these two funny guys in the mine.

They told us about a treasure. You can find it with this boat.

Holgi had to help us – we were too small and the boat was very shaky…

Imagine this: we found a treasure chest…

... wow, so many gems! We are rich!

What an adventure!!! Murph

05.07.2015 - Derneburg

Hello, We took a long walk on the Laves-Trail.

There is a big castle in Derneburg.

In the forest was a small teahouse.

So many stairs…

Unbelievable – there exists a pyramid in the forest inside of Germany. It is the grave of the former owner of the castle.

I liked this house.

There were small houses of fishermen next to many small ponds.

It didn’t look like one – but this was one of the fish ponds.

This region is really beautiful. Greetings Murph

27.09.2015 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello friends, Today was my birthday. I got mail from my best friend Dicker Kumpel.

A beautiful card!

Let’s read it!

Finally I was allowed to open my gift.

Another parcel – how exciting.

There was a message with the gift.

What will it be?

It was pink!

Have a look!

It was Pilzmurphy! A new friend for me! Isn’t he cute?

I like my new friend.

Thank you, Dicker Kumpel! Murph

27.09.2015 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, Landroval and Stoker sang a wonderful song for me.

I blew out the candles.

Another present for me – from Stoker and Landroval! Perfume!

It smelt well!

Now it is time for party. With delicious Pizza and Wine. Surely Pilzmurphy celebrated with us!

It is yummy! We laughed a lot, ate and drank.

Oups, the glasses were empty!

But we had more!

What a wonderful party!

But now it was time to go into the bed. Good night!

Yours Murph

10.10.2015 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, We went into the forest really early today. We searched a beautiful launch pad.

Freya and Landroval will fly to their next hosts. This place looked great!

A last hug!

Let’s go!

Hopefully they will arrive fast and safe!

And what about me? I am alone. Murph

10.10.2015 - Bad Salzetfurth

Hello, Landroval and Freya are away! I will go home.

What is this? A mushroom? I will have a closer look.

Unbelievable. This was a small donkey. I know him!

I call quietly his name: LuckyHü

It was him – what a joy!

I invited him to come home with me.

On the way we surely found mushrooms.

It was nice in the forest, but it was more fun with a buddy.

Yours Murph

11.10.2015 - Bad Grund

Hello, The weather was great. We enjoyed the sunshine and took an excursion.

We wanted to see the autumn – let’s start.

In the shadow it was frozen.

Wonderful red leaves.

Let’s search for more interesting things.

Weren’t these colours beautiful?

It looked like burning trees.

A wonderful walk through the great autumn-forest.

Yours Murph

11.10.2015 - Bad Grund

Hello, This looked exciting! We wanted to have a closer look.

We went over this bridge into the forest.

Let’s see what we can explore.

This tipi was wonderful – we wanted to stay here.

The Indians stored their dead like this in the Past.

It was a little scary.

What will we discover next?

We observed the animals in the forest on this tower.

It was an exciting day! Murph

08.11.2015 - Jersbek

Hello, We visited Dicker Kumpel.

He showed us a very beautiful park.

The park belongs to this house.

This gate was the entrance.

Let’s go.

I learnt a lot about the park here.

These trees are called the 12 apostles.

We were not allowed to take a photo of the Castle, because the way was closed.

There was a beautiful obelisk inside the little lake.

Dicker Kumpel showed us something interesting.

People cooled goods in this house in the Past.

On our way back we saw this beautiful graffiti, the church of Sülfeld.

And here you see the emblem of Sülfeld.

Unfortunately it was only a short visit.

Dicker Kumpel and Kleine Fee: it was nice to see you! Yours Murph

02.12.2015 - Groß Düngen

Hello, what a wonderful day. We celebrated the birthday of LuckyHü and PieksiHH. I had a cake with candles for them.

They blew the candles out.

And we ate the cake.

It was so yummy!

I told them about a big surprise. But first I tied their eyes.

They had to wait.

] Eventually they were allowed to have a look.

But what was it?

3 canisters with oil! Oil to drink!

How will it taste?

It was delicious!

And we get very tired.

What a wonderful party! Yours Murph

06.12.2015 - Groß Düngen

Hello, Today is Nikolaus Day : the humans put their cleaned shoes in front of the door the night before – and on the 6th of December the Nikolaus came and put sweets into the shoes – if the humas were well-behaved. Unfortunately I don't have shoes – but we searched big ones from HoBi. These shoes are too small.

But this one was great ! This was big enough.

Bad luck for us – the boot was dirty. And the Nikolaus only fills clean boots with sweets.

So we searched something to clean.

And we cleaned it.

It looked great...

Ready – now we put the boot in front of the door.

This was exciting – we sat behind the door and wanted to surprise the Nikolaus.

We waited all night long – this was my time to hear what happens!

Well – I heart something!

It worked – the whole boot is full!

But what now? How can we get the sweets? We are so small – and the boot is so big! We pushed togehter – maybe he will fall?

We made it – and so many sweets for us!

We must have been very nice over the year. Happy Nikolaus Murph

12.12.2015 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today I took a look at my hometown.

Bad Salzdetfurth is an old miningtown. And you find memories of this time everywhere.

I like this old door.

The golden ball in front of the ‚Kurmittelhaus‘ is the sun. All over the town you find planets in the right distance and in the right dimension

There are 2 big salines in the spa gardens. The people used it to produce salt in the past.

This is my famous place. It is called Summstein – you sit inside of it and bumble. Then the whole body prickles. Very funny!

During the Advent season the whole city is decorated for Christmas. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Until soon Murph

19.12.2015 - Bodenburg

Hello, Today I went to a beautiful park.

On our way to the park we found this gate. I loved the color.

... and this fountain.

We wanted to have a photo with this tractor. Maybe it can still drive?

Behind me you can see the castle.

There was a small pavilion in the park.

These old tomb slabs were impressive.

Oups, this way was closed. We had to search another way.

A beautiful lake belongs to the park, too.

Let’s see, what more we can find here.

] The Castle at close range.

These old bonnets look funny, don’t they?

Look what we found in the park. A mistletoe! Normally this plant is high in the trees.

What a beautiful park! Yours Murph