21.01.2012 - Seesen

Hello, Today Orpheus and I showed Spencer the lovely town Seesen. Although we have been some time ago, we found many new windows. The cellar of the town hall

They restore the St. Andreas-church at the moment.

We found new photos of Max und Moritz. I love these funny guys.

This old gate belongs to the ‚Koch’schen Hof’.

Look – they were so colorful!

This is the old middle-class house.

Have a look at the trousers of Moritz!

At the end of our trip we saw the town hall of Seesen.

Many greetings Murph

29.01.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hi, Today it was Spencers last day with us.. The weather was horrible. It was cold and foggy. But we wanted to go outside. Can you see how cold it was?

I am sure that this pavilion will be beautiful in the summer time.

There were many wonderful scrubs.

You know that Bad Salzdetfurth is an old mining town. The miners used these baskets to get the salt out of the mine.

On this sign we read how they did it.

This is the Lamme – a small river that flows through Bad Salzdetfurth. Can you remember it? I saw the spring in Lamspringe.

Bad Salzdetfurth has a street of planets. All over the town there are all planets in the right dimension and distance to the sun. Here I sat under the sun.

Later we found the Earth.

Love Murph

04.02.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hi, Today SunnyHH arrived in Bad Salzdetfurth.

Orpheus and I opened his envelope and he jumped out of it.

SunnyHH showed his gifts for Hobi.

I was so glad to have a TV of you as a guest. So I decided that we celebrate SunnyHH’s arrival.

I mixed cocktails for us.

Ready – look – the cocktail looked like the German Flag.

We talked and drank….

…and talked and drank….

Oops, maybe we drank too much. But the cocktail was yummy! Many greetings Murph

11.02.2012 - Wohldenberg

Hello, Today we wanted to drive to Wohldenberg to make a nice walk there. On our way we stopped at this very old tree.

The tree is awesome, isn’t it?

Our next stop was Sottrom. We wanted to have a photo with this funny guy.

Here comes another photo – and yes, we were on the photo. Can you find three ToyVoyagers?

There were many funny characters on this gate.

We walked along this beautiful rock.

I must come back in spring here. On the top I had a wonderful view to the Harz Mountains.

There was a look-out – but it is closed during the winter time.

The last place for today was the Abbey Wohldenberg.

It was a wonderful trip, although it was very cold for us! Love Murph

25.02.2012 - Hildesheim

Hello, today we went to the Wildgatter in Hildesheim.

At the entrance I found this beautiful wooden sculpture.

The first animals I saw were red deer and goats.

I absolutely wanted to have a photo with this funny guy.

But there were living animals, too.

Unfortunately these mushrooms were not for the pan.

# Before we went home, I visited the information centre of the Wildgatter and learnt a lot about the animals in Germany.

Love Murph

08.04.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, HömpfMömpf arrived today.

He brought an Easter Surprise for me. It was from my best friend Dicker Kumpel. We opened the gift right away.

Thanks, Dicker Kumpel. I was happy to receive your Easter Wishes. I know the forest where the Easter bunny is living. I went there with HömpfMömpf.

There must be Easter eggs for us here. I am sure about it. Look, there were the first Easter Eggs!

And there – can you see it – an Easter bunny!

Much more!

Everything was for me!

On the tree was something – but how can I go there?

I did it!

This was exhausting – so we made a break before we went home with our baskets.

So many sweets for us! I am really sure that it is the forest, where the Easter Bunny lives. I will go there next year again!

I wish you, Dicker Kumpel and all the others a wonderful Easter time. Love Murph

19.04.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hi, It was a boring morning for Hömpfmömpf and me. HoBi had to work, so I decided to search a game for us. This is the cupboard with the games,

Which game should I choose?

What is this? It looks interesting!


It is an old treasure map. I think I know where the treasure is.

I called HömpfMömpf and showed him the map.

Hopefully we will start our trip soon. Where are HoBi? We have to show the map to Dicker Kumpel! Until soon Murph

20.04.2012 - Sülfeld

Hello, Tobbi the second was lost – now he came back from China. But look, he grew a lot.

Of course we wanted to do the Alien Dance again.

Well – this part of the dance was easy!

Now it was time for me to lift Tobbi. The first try was unsuccessful.

But then I was a sportive Alien! Look! I did it!

Yours Murph

21.04.2012 - Sülfeld

Hello friends, today we started. We wanted to find the treasure. I showed the treasure map to Dicker Kumpel and all the other TVs.

We all were so excited and puzzled about the map.

Where can the treasure be? Dicker Kumpel and I had a close look. We must find it.

We made our plan. Then we started. At first we went outside. Great – I found the blue car.

Where should we go next – we looked at the map.

This should be the right direction. We continued our search.

Then we met these friendly boys and asked for the way.

They suggested to ask the bugs, because they fly and know the garden.

We met the bugs, but they never saw the treasure. Maybe between the flowers?

Unfortunately there was no treasure. But there on the wood was a chest. We had to go there.

Uff, we did it – everybody was on the top. It really looks like a treasure chest!

What will be in the chest? We were so curious! Will it be the treasure? Dicker Kumpel and I opened the chest.

Wow, this was great – a lot of gold and jewelry! We found the treasure!

We went back to the blue chair. All was for us!

Look – this wonderful necklace – it is so beautiful. I want to have it. I look great with it, don’t you think so?

What an exciting day? Hopefully I will find more treasure maps at home. I will have a look. Searching for a treasure is so much fun! Many greetings Murph

22.04.2012 - Bad Oldesloe

Hallo again, Today Dicker Kumpel showed us Bad Oldesloe. I cannot remember if I already saw it before. It was a beautiful city with many small rivers.

This was the fountain in front of the town hall.

Isn’t it beautiful here?

I forgot to ask Dicker Kumpel, what this funny sculpture shows.

Then we found a water wheel.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the time for wine tasting. What a pity!

The church of Bad Oldesloe.

There were some other old houses in the city.

The last photo was a group photo with all of us.

Love Murph

13.05.2012 - Salzgitter

Hello Dicker Kumpel, I read your question – and of course I know the answer.

On our trip to Salzgitter-Lichtenberg I found the same mushroom. It is the scaly polypore. You can eat it if it is young. But to tell the truth – I never tried it.

It was really the same mushroom – your mushroom was older – so please don’t try it! But now back to our excursion. We visited this old castle ruin.

All visitors have to go through this gate.

This was my first view of the castle. I wanted to have a closer look.

There was an old catapult in front of the castle. It was gigantic! It must be fun playing with it.

The outer walls were so big in the Past.

These were the leftovers of an old house. The people had heating in that time – it was unbelievable. The plate with the holes was the heating.

We had a magnificent view from the tower. Unfortunately it was closes so we were not able to go on the top.

I am not that small – but on these walls I felt small.

With the help of this photo you can maybe imagine how thick the walls were.

This was the garden of the castle.

The Ruin Lichtenberg was really great! I will come back some day – I hope.

What a wonderful trip! Many greetings from your best friend Murph

26.05.2012 - Bad Gandersheim

Hello, Today we made a trip to Bad Gandersheim. . I have never been there before. There was a beautiful cathedral.

We found this fountain on the Domplatz.

On the marketplace there were many old houses.

This beautiful door belongs to the museum of Bad Gandersheim. The weather was too nice to go into the museum.

The water out of this fountain was very cold. But it was great, because the temperatures were very high.

This is the old hospital.

I found this special door of a small church. It is out of bronze.

A last photo of the Dom.

On our way back home we saw these funny chairs.

I wanted a photo with the chair I loved most.

I really liked this place! Until soon Murph

27.05.2012 - Rhumspringe

Hello, We made a wonderful trip today. You cannot imagine what I saw first. Have a look!

Did you recognize it? It was an oil rig. I thought that I was dreaming. They had oil In the middle of lower Saxony in the Past.

But there was still much more to see. I asked these two friendly men for the way to the Rhumequelle.

And I found the spring. We walked around it.

The color of the water was so great – I thought about being in holiday – maybe in the Caribbean.

The Rhumequelle is one of the biggest springs in Europe. Can you imagine that: each German could get a bucket of water out of this spring each day.

Many rare animals are living next to this spring.

Ceylon and I took a rest and enjoyed the view to the water.

I didn’t want to leave. The spring was so beautiful.

What an unbelievable color. Maybe I can show you the spring someday. Love Murph

28.05.2012 - Kyffhäuser-Denkmal

Hello, Today we made our next excursion – this time we went to Thuringia. At this place was the border between West- and East-Germany.

Because the people of East-Germany were not allowed to travel to the West-Germany, there was a Death Zone (Todesstreifen) at the border. When the people from the East tried to flee, they were shot by the soldiers of East-Germany. It must have been a bad time!

We went to the Kyffhäuser - Monument. We were so disappointed, when we reached the parking-lot. They refurbish the monument at the moment.

We decided to have a look at it and went to the castle. How will the monument look like, when it is ready? Maybe I will come here again, when the work is finished.

We had a great view from here!

This statue is very famous. He is Barbarossa. The statue was very big – and looked great!

These nice lions guarded Barbarossa.

Then we made a rest and enjoyed the sunshine.

Have you ever seen something like this? It is petrified wood.

This is the part of the old fortress.

And another photo of the monument.

We went back to our car through his gate.

We passed this holy place – and rested in the shadow.

What a wonderful day! Many greetings Murph

02.06.2012 - Hameln

Hello, We went to the city Hameln today. Do you know the famous story about „The Pied Piper of Hamelin“? The first house has its name from the story – it is called the Rattenfängerhaus.

There are many beautiful timbered houses in the city.

I absolutely wanted to have a photo with this funny sculpture.

Can you see the bells at this house?

We saw the old city of Hameln as a miniature!

Another beautiful timbered house!

The River Weser flows through Hameln.

On our way back to the car we saw this big church.

Hameln is a wonderful city. We were not able to take photos of the statue of the Pied Pieper, because it was renovated… This seems to be typical for the last weeks. Many greetings Murph

02.06.2012 - Ohrbergpark

Hello, After visiting Hameln we went to a wonderful park!

At the entrance this Buddha welcomed us!

This park is famous for the old rhododendrons.

But there were many old trees, too.

We had a wonderful view to the river Weser.

I didn’t like this view that much. Can you see the nuclear power plant in the background?

There were many blooming scrubs at the moment.

What do you think? It was a wonderful park!

Many greetings Murph

09.06.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello friends, The European Championship of Soccer started yesterday. I have a schedule of it.

Oh – amazing. Germany played today.

We decorated the room – and a good friend of me arrived. The champagne was cold. Time to start!

The first game was Denmark – Netherland. These teams will be the next opponents of Germany

Everything was yummy- especially the Champagne. Denmark won!

Then it was time for Germany! Can you see my flag?

It was so thrilling!

We won!

Puh – this was exciting!

Later I was really tired! Many greetings Murph

01.07.2012 - Lamspringe

Hello, I showed Mandy Sheep and Maxi the wonderful park of the abbey Lamspringe today. At the gate we saw the horse of lower Saxony.

On this sign you can see the whole garden.

This is the church of the abbey.

And at this point the river starts, that flew through Bad Salzdetfurth. It is the Lamme.

There was a lovely lake in the garden.

This house is the mill of the abbey. They produced the flour for the abbey here in the past.

Unfortunately I don’t know what this big roll was for.

Isn’t this church beautiful and big?

This ring is called Halseisen (iron collar). The people who did bad things had to wear it – and they were chained at the market place. This would never happen to me! :D

It was a really wonderful park!

Many greetings Murph

06.07.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello to all of you, I am so excited. My best friend Dicker Kumpel will visit me tomorrow. Everything has to look great!

The table should look wonderful!

And we need some glasses.

Which cake should we bake? This one looks great!

First we have to crush the cookies.

Puh – this was exhausting! We jumped and jumped…

Dicker Kumpel wished to get strawberries.

We put liquor onto the strawberries – yummy!

Now we have to put it into the pan.

Doesn’t the cake look beautiful?

Dicker Kumpel can come now. Kind regards Murph

07.07.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, my best friend Dicker Kumpel visited me. He brought some gifts!

Wasn’t that lolly great? It had the same colors as me! Let’s have a look what was in the other gift.

Wow more sweets.

Thanks Dicker Kumpel!

A lot of other TVs came with Dicker Kumpel. We were 10 TVs – time for a party!

Everybody got a drink! I chose a blue one this time – it is my favorite color!


It was yummy.

Upps, already empty!

Then we tried the cake!

Puh, what a party!

Many greetings Murph

21.07.2012 - Hildesheim

Hello , Today I visited the Magdalenengarten in Hildesheim.

You can meet this funny guy at the entrance; He collects donations for the garden.

Normally there were many blooming roses in this garden. But many of them were destroyed by the heavy rain. Anyway we found some beautiful flowers.

Look – a nice sundial.

Later we had a break on this bench.

Look – we found a small fountain in the pavilion.

There were a lot of statues all over the park. I loved this one most.

These blossoms belong to a special kind of the chestnut tree.

My last photo of this wonderful garden.

On our way back we stopped at the famous Michaelis-Church.

Many greetings Murph

24.07.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello Dicker Kumpel, You had an exciting time. I had a close look at your meeting with Kleine Fee. What a beautiful lady!

I had to admit that I asked Holgi for help. As an alien I don’t know much about ladies from the planet Earth...

Great – you gave her flowers! All women love it. The picnic is a good idea, but...

Holgi said that chocolates are a good gift for women, not burger...

And the towel had to be in the bathroom or at the beach, but it is not good for a picnic. You should use a beautiful blanket.

Holgi told me that candles are always good – and don’t forget the Champagne.

And MY last tip: Later in the evening you can give one end of this snail to Kleine Fee –and you try the other end – you both nosh it – then eventually... maybe ...the first kiss....

I will write my tips for you on this card!

Now I put all in this envelope and I will send it to you!

You both are such a beautiful couple!

I wish you all the best – and I am waiting for the next photos! Kind regards Your friend Murph

27.07.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, PinkyHH arrived today. The poor girl – she had to travel inside an envelope – and arrived in the hottest week of the year.

Eventually she came out of the envelope.

We had a look at the things she brought with her.

A postcard and a lot of chocolate.

But look what happened to the chocolate. It melted.

I was so excited. It was time to give my living-room a new look and I will have a new television. The old one wasn’t that nice.

There were boxes all over the room

Then we had to build up the new cupboard for the television.

It was too hot for us TVs, so we searched a nice place and had a look at Holgi and Bine working on it.

Almost ready – only the television was missing.

Wow, this looked great!

I am not sure that we will do more trips in the future, but you will see it. Many greetings Murph

31.07.2012 - Salzgitter

Hello, Today we visited the Castle Salder in Salzgitter.

There was a beautiful lake in front of the Castle.

There was a little train.

Can you see the man on the roof? Hopefully he won’t fall down.

We found a great mill in the garden.

Maybe this was Don Quijote? What do you think?

This way looked thrilling. Where will it bring us to?

Wow – I never saw such a big rhinoceros from the Ice Age.

There was a nice cabin for us. We wanted to stay there!

You won’t believe, who I met. A big and friendly mammoth. Mabye it is Manni from the movie Ice Age?

What an exciting trip! Many greetings Murph

01.08.2012 - Salzgitter

Hello, We visited a ruin today.

This catapult was really huge.

There was a big wall around the ruin.

This big gate was the only entrance to the Castle.

I learnt all about the tower on this sign.

There was a nice view from the tower over the ruin.

You won’t believe it! The people had a heating in the past. The thing with the holes was the heating.

We had a great view from a big wall. What will be there?

It was the garden of the Castle.

There were many different herbs in the garden.

This weekend I will go on holiday.  Many greetings Murph

21.09.2012 - Sülfeld

Hello friends, this weekend I visited my best friend Dicker Kumpel (hopefully his nice girl-friend Kleine Fee) and my brother Stoker in Sülfeld. Look what these crazy guys did. They designed a wonderful welcome greeting for us – and because of Stoker, the bat, they hung in the chair. PinkyHH, Sofia and I were a little surprised, but we loved this welcome.

We climbed onto the chair and talked to the others.

But then Sofia, PinkyHH and I decided to join the fun.

I am so happy to be here – and I will have a closer look at Kleine Fee this evening. Love Murph

21.09.2012 - Sülfeld

Hello friends, Dicker Kumpel introduced me to his girl-friend Kleine Fee. I was so excited, because I wanted to show her that I am a well-educated and well-behaved Alien. Can you see my wonderful bow-tie?

I brought wonderful presents with me.

And some information about horoscopes.

Bunnies are so curious - look at Dicker Kumpel and Kleine Fee.

It looked great – I was very proud of myself!

Kleine Fee started and opened the first gift. It is a really romantic one – well – I am a romantic Alien, of course.

Can you see it - it is a picture frame with a photo of their first date.

I am sure they loved it.

Then Dicker Kumpel opened the next gift.

Something to eat is always important. I brought a Champagne and something for a party, too.

Oups – Kleine Fee gave me a kiss! What a wonderful little lady!

I think that they liked everything I bought!

And I am happy to meet Kleine Fee! yours Murph

22.09.2012 - Sülfeld

Hello friends, today it was the day of the party. Dicker Kumpel came and invited Dottie Mouse for a party with dotted animals.

Fortunately Clairchen and I had dots and we were allowed to join Dottie Mouse. Some other guys with dots came for Dottie.

Dottie Mouse was so happy to have dotted guests.

We started our party.

Then something funny happened. The other TVs came and had paper dots on their bodies. They asked Dottie whether they were allowed to join the party.

She said yes – and they gave her a Thank-You-hug.

Fortunately RikeH had more things to eat, so we all started our party together.

Later Dicker Kumpel and I had a surprise for the others – a wonderful firework.

We decided that Murph started it – together with the help of a part of HoBi.

If you have a closer look – you can see some blue parts in the air above us.

This was fun!

Back home on our party-table, we ate the rest of our dinner. Unfortunately we ate everything.

Everything was empty – what should we do? Well – I am in the home of Diy best friend Dicker Kumpel – and he knows how to party. We drank a delicious cocktail.

It was yummy. And can you see that I sat next to the beautiful Kleine Fee?

Some hours later – no comment…

I loved this party! Yours Murph

27.09.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello friends, it is my birthday today? Will there be a party for me? Sofia and PinkyHH called me. They decorated the table for a party – and sung a wonderful birthday song for me.

Then I blow out the candles.

Both girls wished me a happy birthday.

Wow – I received a big present from my best friend [tv]Dicker Kumpel[/tv].

What will be in it?

I will unwrap it!

How exciting – let’s see what is in there.

Everything for me!

And a really beautiful card from Dicker Kumpel and Kleine Fee.

Thanks a lot Dicker Kumpel and Kleine Fee! I will thing of you whenever I drink a beer now! Sofia and PinkyHH bought a special dring for the party.

Can you see it – these are the colors of the German flag.

We drank it out of the bottle.


It was so yummy!

What a wonderful birthdayy! Many greetings Murph

30.09.2012 - Springe

Hello, today I took a trip to an animal park.

At the beginning we saw these birds.

These fellow deers ran around the park. It looked so nice.

The park gets its name by the wisents: Wisentgehege

Unfortunately this eagle cannot fly around.

There were many wooden statues in the park. We loved this witch best.

The wild boars took a bath. Were they really clean after it?

I show you the best photo now. I saw a bear – what a beautiful guy!

What a wonderful trip! Imagine this – it rained. Hopefully we will find mushrooms soon! Yours Murph

03.11.2012 - Derneburg

Hello, today it was very cold, but the weather was really nice.

We took a long walk on the Laves-Trail.

There was a very big castle

and an old teahouse in the forest.

Then we went to my famous place here.

A pyramid – in the middle of Germany. It is a mausoleum.

Along our way we saw beautiful fishermen’s houses.

This was one of the many fish ponds here.

This house is really great, isn’t it?

Next to the lake we sat in the sunshine and talked.

A wonderful walk! Yours Murph

11.11.2012 - Sottrum

Hello, can you remember my famous gate? Today we went into the park!

This funny guy stood at the entrance.

There were many animals in the park. I especially loved these birds.

Wow, what a giant!

We really wanted to drive with this vehicle.

This mole was funny – and so big!

] Then we found beautiful houses for us! Which one should we choose for living in? They were all so nice!

This was another funny character from the park.

I was so excited – we met aliens!

There was so much to discover in this park.

But the right place for us is this couch – isn’t it?

What a wonderful day! Murph

06.12.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, today is Nikolaus Day : the humans put their cleaned shoes in front of the door the night before – and on the 6th of December the Nikolaus came and put sweets into the shoes – if the humans were well-behaved. Unfortunately I don't have shoes – but we searched big ones from HoBi. No – these were too small.

These were better. Unfortunately they were very dirty. We didn’t want to clean the boots.

There must be nice big and clean boots somewhere in the flat. These ones were beautiful – we will take them.

We put the boot in front of the door and we waited.

The Nikolaus had to come! I was the guard.

Ah – I heard a noise! Was it the Nikolaus?

Wow – the boot was so full! How will we get the sweets? Sofia flew onto the boot. PinkyHH climbed up the boot.

Then both threw the sweets to us.

Well – this took a long time. It should be faster!

I had an idea! We overthrew the boot!

Done – so many sweets!

We must have been very well-behaved TVs.  Many greetings Murph

09.12.2012 - Bad Salzdetfurth

Hello, It was snowing all morning long. This is the spa garden of Bad Salzdetfurth. Can you see how much snow we had?

This is our famous place in the spa garden – the Summstein. We never saw it in the snow before.

Unfortunately the salines don’t work in the winter time.

There were many old timbered houses. You can hardly see them because of the snow.

During the Advent season many houses are decorated with these big stars. Beautiful, isn’t it?

We got cold – and we went home.

We found a nice comfy place and had to dry.

Until soon Murph

25.12.2012 - Steinkirchen

Hello, we are on holidays – but the weather is awful. It is raining all day long. Everything is wet and grey!

This is the Elbe. It is a very big river in the North of Germany.

There are beautiful villages behind the dikes. We even saw a mill.

Many of the farm houses had wonderful gates.

I saw many lighthouses- great, isn’t it?

Big ships were on the way to Hamburg.

There were many beautiful houses and churches here, but we already were so wet and wanted to go home.

Keep your fingers crossed for us – that the weather will be nicer soon, because we planned a lot of nice trips here! Yours Murph

26.12.2012 - Cuxhaven

Hello, today the weather was better – and we drove to the North Sea.

We drove to the beach and took a wonderful walk. But it was very windy!

At this place the Elbe flows into the North Sea.

This is the harbor of Cuxhaven.

On our way back we saw the fall of tide – the water went away.

Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow. Many greetings Murph

28.12.2012 - Jork

Hello, it was our last day here – and we took another long walk. I saw beautiful houses and a nice gate.

The dikes of the Elbe were really high.

This is important. We found this sign. You can see how high the water during storm floods.

I cannot imagine it, that the Elbe was 6 meters higher during the floods.

This region is called „Altes Land“ (old country). It is famous for the fruit-growing. You can see fields with fruit trees everywhere.

These trees were so funny!

At the end I show you the mill from Jork. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

I am sorry, because we have to drive home tomorrow. Yours Murph