Ahrensburg, Germany - 11th January 2016


Hello friends, Today I visited a town called Ahrensburg. Behind me you can see the ugly town hall.

Let’s go to the nicer buildings here – this was the Castle.

This stone is a memorial for the end of the serfdom.

This church belongs to the Castle.

I went into it.

I loved this angel.

And the beautiful altar.

What a beautiful little church.

Next to it there were small houses – in the Past poor people lived in it.

This was a strange monument – the people here don’t like it. I think it is funny!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Scharbeutz, Germany - 25th January 2016


Hello friends, I went to the Baltic Sea. The weather was much better than it looked like on the photo.

What a beautiful beach.

This was the long pier.

I liked the small dunes.

It was a nice walk!

And this was funny – this transformer unit looked like a Beach Chair.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 9th February 2016


Hello friends, We visited a place called Bad Oldesloe. Normally the wheel moves with water, no idea, why it stopped today.

There are some nice houses next to the river.

The house behind me is an old-people-home.

This is the nice church.

This is a marketing thing – people should buy in the shops here – and not in the web.

Wow, the river has a lot of water at the moment. Normally you can stand there, where the foam is now.

Well, no problem, I found more beautiful houses.

This is the market-place with the town-hall and other nice buildings.

Bad Oldesloe is a nice small town. Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 23rd February 2016


Hello friends, I went to Hamburg – this is the town hall.

What a beautiful door!

And a nice old letterbox.

Then I was inside the town hall.

I went into a kind of patio o fit – with a big fountain. Unfortunately without water, because it was too cold.

We found a great place inside of the town hall.

Then I went outside and had this great view. On the left side you see the Alsterarkaden.

A view back to the townhall.

This is a lake inside the town called Alster.

There was still ice on the water.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Wir haben tolle Nordlichter in Norwegen gesehen.

Sülfeld, Germany - 27th March 2016


Happy Easter, It was Easter – the party for Bunnies and Chicken – so Kleine Fee and I visited some.

Look, a wonderful pyramid with Easter bunnies on it.

Then I met some birds in front of a nice plant.

It was amazing – we met the real Easter Bunny – and got chocolate.

We all had a great day!

But that wasn’t all. We came back into our room and found a parcel on the table.

It came from Murph, my best friend!

What will be in it?

Gifts for us – that’s great!

It looked yummy – an Egg and a bunny filled with sweets!

And we had to show this – it was gift for RikeH – she is like the hippo in the morning hours!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Bad Segeberg, Germany - 11th April 2016


Hello friends, Today we went to Bad Segeberg. There was a big lake.

We had lunch in this small house.

There were many fallen trees on our way – this one felt into the lake.

And this one was cut, because it felt over the way around the lake.

On our way back we saw this nice monument.

Well, you see it better on Stoker’s photo.

And a helicopter – there is a hospital close to this place.

This was the church…

… and a place with y nice fountain.

Look, this tree was wonderful!

Another big old building.

yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 30th April 2016


Hello friends, I have two new guests: LilMsBun*USA and SnakyLick*Pink arrived in Germany. We were sure that they needed fresh air and sunshine after the long trip – so we invited them on a nice sunny bench.

Then we took a walk and saw a big bird. Can you see it?

Yes – it was a stork.

Surely I had to take a photo with my famous tree.

We crossed a river – I love it here.

Back home I saw a beautiful tree in the garden.

And I liked this yellow blossoms.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sieseby, Germany - 7th May 2016


Hello friends, I am on the way to a nice small village, but first I stopped at this beautiful lighthouse.

Surely I climbed onto it and had nice views!

This way looked nice – I have to go there.

But first I relaxed on this big stone – can you see the sailing-ships behind me?

Then I went along the promenade.

We continued our trip and reached the village Sieseby. Well – first I saw the Schlei.

They have so beautiful houses here!

And this is the church.

I went into it.

What a nice path!

I saw a last beautiful house.

What a nice day! Dicker Kumpel

Kappeln, Germany - 8th May 2016


Hello friends, I was so excited – we will drive in an old train – this loco is called Julchen.

We were in a nice wagon.

I saw the smoke of Julchen.

It was a beautiful old train.

Look – an old sign.

I like the color of the rape.

We talked a lot and had fun together.

We arrived in Kappeln and went onto a ship.

I saw some houses of Kappeln.

This bridge looked great – and the cars and people had to stop, because we went through the bridge.

This is the famous Herring fence of Kappeln.

We were on the Schlei and had nice views.

I saw Sieseby from the water.

Back in Süderbrarup, where we started our trip – I saw this wonderful stone circle.

Our last stop was really funny. Can you imagine, what it was?

A huge giant – can you find me on his foot.

He was 5 meter high!

What a wonderful day!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Eckernförde, Germany - 9th May 2016


Hello friends, We visited the town Eckernförde.

First we went to the harbor.

Look, a small lighthouse with funny colors.

This was the market-place…

…with the town hall.

This was a nice small church.

I went inside.

Back to the harbor again – I liked the red houses.

We continued our walk.

These guys were so funny.

We arrived in the spa garden. I loved this statues.

And this beautiful flower.

Other nice flowers with an anchor.

I went onto a long pier.

Nice views in both directions.

The beach is next to the town – that was nice.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Gettorf, Germany - 10th May 2016


Hello friends, I went into a small zoo with funny animals. Here you see the first one.

These birds have a wonderful color!

Look, great paintings on the wall.

Beautiful flowers.

A friendly zebra…

…and some cows.

We both talked a lot.

Do you know these animals?

Then we arrived at this funny house. We must go into it.


It looked funny this way!

On our way back to the entrance we met other animals.

My Mum [usr]RikeH[/usr] and others were allowed to feed the Tapirs. This was exciting. We TVs were too shy to feed them. But it was a great day!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Eine schöne Woche in Dänemark.

Dörpling, Germany - 18th July 2016


Hello, Today we will visit Murph and PieksiHH. We were so excited. Finally we arrived. :D

What a greeting!

We had gifts for each other.

We got a yummy breakfast. ;)

Our big gift for Murph and PieksiHH!

What will it be?

They had a closer look!

They loved it.

Then we all went together to Friedrichstadt. Until soon Dicker Kumpel

Friedrichstadt, Germany - 18th July 2016


Hello friends, I went to Friedrichstadt. First we went through the city and saw beautiful houses.

And this funny bird.

Another strange person.

This was the most famous place in the city

A beautiful water pump.

The weather looked worse than it was.

Photos of a brave TV and flowers.

We took a trip on this boat.

A scary photo. But I wanted to show the bridge.

We were in a small harbor.

Then we continued on the canals of the city.

It was fun!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Dörpling, Germany - 18th July 2016


Hello, After our trip it was time for some cakes.

This looked good for us!

It was yummy! :p

Then we explored the mill.

We went into it through the window.

This horse was amazing! We were able to sit together on it. :)

And we had enough place on this chair, too.

This stair was very steep, but the sleeping room was upstairs. :thinking:

I never saw a bed like this before.

Very comfortable!

There were so many great things to see in the mill.

A mill as a holiday flat – this was exciting! B)

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye. We would have loved to play together for a longer time here. :(

What a wonderful day! Byebye Dicker Kumpel

Eutin, Germany - 8th August 2016


Hello friends, I went to the Landesgartenschau in Eutin. There were many funny bees.

Look, beautiful roses in front of a nice house.

Another long house – more flowers were in it.

Well – the Castle of Eutin was great and beautiful!

We wanted to hear many choirs here…

… but unfortunately the weather was bad and we had to leave. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Zeit für eine schöne Mittelmeerkreuzfahrt.

Scary Sülfeld Village, Germany - 8th October 2016


Hello friends, My Murph friend is here and visits me. Time for a party- it was called a Halloween-Party. We celebrate it now, because we won’t be at home at Halloween. Wow – a basket full of sweets.

This was our place for this evening. Nice flowers, great confetti and sweets!

Yummy and scary sweets!

We all found something nice.

We chose a funny mouth.

Then Kleine Fee showed us a game. Well it looked like chocolate.

Before Kleine Fee explained the rules, I played with the funny eyes.

We had to play a memory game. There were 5 different pairs.

This looked difficult – we cannot see the images on the front anymore.

I tried it – no pair – bad luck.

After 10 rounds I found one pair - and I didn’t won.

Well – Kleine Fee told us, that it was an easy game, because we could have looked at the different colors. I think that she is very intelligent, no one of us 4 players had that idea! Let’s change the Topic…..What was this?

It was getting darker.

Wow – a big pumpkin!

There were other great shadow-creatures. A big ghost – but I was brave!

It came near to me! This was funny!

It was funny – a shadow of Stoker.

It was a wonderful party!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Ich war endlich mal wieder in Australien.