Grabau, Germany - 8th January 2014


Hello friends, Today we went to a nice nature park near to Sülfeld.

First I saw this black alder. They have interesting roots, because they live in wetlands.

The park is great – here I had to solve a puzzle. What kind of tree will this be?

Then I saw this raised stand. What will I see from there?

I saw many different animals from there – can you see the biggest one – a boar?

And there – a badger!

I went closer to the badger.

And I met a relative.

There were many storms here in the last weeks – this tree felt down.

Then we went to this lovely lake.

I learnt a lot about the animals living here.

What a wonderful place.

On our way back to the car I talked with this funny woodpecker.

Then we found a place for long jump!

I was good – and jumped 1 meter!

We stopped at a slide.

This was fun!

Back home we found the pizza Murph sent to us! It looked so yummy!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 11th January 2014


Hello, Today I had a surprise for my friend Helmutbluepant. A jigsaw with his famous flowers. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult for us. We started with one and it had 8 pieces.

He found the first piece for the right upper corner.

I found the piece for the buttom.

We were really proud!

After some time we nearly finished the jigsaw puzzle.


Can you recognize the plant? We searched another jigsaw!

This one looks great!

How many pieces should we choose?

My Mum RikeH promised to take 16.

So many pieces!!!

We worked the whole afternoon…

…and we were so happy when we finished it!

Then Helmut found another beautiful puzzle – with another Plumeria!

Unfortunately he chose the wrong number of pieces – 144! We were so sad, because it would be too difficult for us.

But RikeH was so nice to solve it for us! What a wonderful afternoon!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 15th January 2014


Hello friends, The weather is awful most of the time at the moment – so we had to find something nice inside the house. We went to play billiards. First I explained the rules.

Then it was my time!

And I won 4:2!

Then I explored the room. I think that a horse lived here in the past.

I called my friend Murph – Stoker did it before, so Murph had a great afternoon, I think!

And this was a great place, too.

Hopefully the weather will be nicer soon. Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 26th January 2014


Hello friends, The winter came to Sülfeld, so we had to take photos with some snow. Let’s start with this archaeological monument.

Some children wanted to use their sleighs behind me, but I think there was not enough snow.

Well – no sunshine on my stone, but I loved the light on the old school.

And the emblem of Sülfeld is beautiful, too.

My last stop was next to the church. A wonderful photo with a little snow and the sunshine.

I love the wintertime! Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 3rd February 2014


Hello friends, Today we had great weather, so we explored the surroundings of Sülfeld. What a wonderful sky with beautiful clouds!

But to tell the truth – it was really cold!

What a long way – maybe I should have stayed at home?

Fortunately we found a sunny place for a rest.

I loved this place – with a far view. Well, of course there are not really big hills here in Northern Germany.

And the small river here was nice, too.

The last photo shows my famous tree. Nice!

What a wonderful walk! Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 4th February 2014


Hello friends, The weather was fine today – time for another walk. I looked at the map, where we should go.

Let’s start with this lane.

The forest looked not too interesting now in the winter time.

But I found a little lake – or maybe only a snow field?

It was time for a rest.

Then I found a freshly cut tree.

What a nice view - this time it was a real lake.

Can you see the ice on the small river? It is still cold in Germany.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 6th February 2014


Hello friends, Today I went to Hamburg – this lake is called Alster.

Behind me you can see the town hall.

And this is another nice view over the Alsterarkaden.

Look – what a beautiful postbox.

Here you can see the town hall again – a beautiful building.

There were funny trees next to it.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 13th February 2014


Hello friends, We went to the port of Hamburg today. I had a nice view from a place called Landungsbrücken.

What a nice tower.

On the other side of the Elbe River there are two musical halls – the left one is really new.

Behind me you can see the sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers.

Then we had a great idea – we jumped onto a small ferry to the building Elbphilharmonie. I had a nice view over the Elbe River.

Hamburg’s port is really beautiful.

We came near to the both musical halls.

Me in front of the skyline of the port.

This is the Elbphilharmonie – a very expensive building.

I looked to another part of the port – the cruise terminal – but there is no cruise ship today.

Another boat – it pushed another one.

And here is the part where they load and unload big ships.

It was a nice trip for us TVs, my Mum RikeH had a hard time, because it was really cold – and her fingers got so cold!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 20th February 2014


Hello friends, UrselHH and Charlotte arrived in Sülfeld.

I introduced them to my other guests.

I got delicious banana liqueur.

And Kleine Fee got some sweets from their holiday.

Today we took a trip to Hamburg. We went to the part of the Port called Speicherstadt. Many nice buildings are there.

Can you see us?

Here we are – Charlotte and Helmut – and Kleine Fee and me.

We saw two different anchors.

Behind us you can see the maritime museum.

We continued our walk - other beautiful old buildings.

This place is called Nikolai-Fleet.

What a wonderful day in Hamburg.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Dann ging es auf eine schöne Kreuzfahrt rund um Europa.

Sülfeld, Germany - 15th March 2014


Hello Mum, Back in Germany we had lovely weather, so today it was time for a walk.

The nature starts now – because it is springtime.

It was nice to sit in the sunshine with my friends.

Soon there will be some swans on the lake.

We came along another beautiful small lake.

This is my famous tree. We all have to take photos with it every time we see it.

Back home we saw the German flag.

This stone stands in front of my house!

Look, the first flowers arrived!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 22nd March 2014


Hi friends, We went to a small town called Bad Oldesloe. This is the biggest church here.

I went into it – there were colorful windows.

I met two wooden men.

There was a big organ. Sadly nobody was there to play it.

Then I came to a nice water wheel.

I learnt a lot about it on this sign.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 29th March 2014


Hello friends, The weather was great today, so we played in the garden. I am a great gardener and I want to show my girl-friend Kleine Fee some of my flowers.

We loved this forest of yellow flowers!

These flowers were so nice, too.

Blue flowers are great, too.

Springtime is one of the best time of the year! Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 5th April 2014


Hello friends, It was time for some sports – and we decided to play billiards. I explained the rules.


And I showed the others how to play.

Poschti and I played 6:6.

Then I explored the room. A horse lived here in the Past, I guess.

Then had a long call with my best friend [tv]Murph[/tv] and told him, that DottyCroc will come and visit him!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 6th April 2014


Hello friends, Kleine Fee and I sat on the table under these beautiful flowers today.

Then my Mum brought us a gift and an Easter card. It was from Murph, my best friend.

Although it was not Easter, we were allowed to read the card…

… and open the gift.

Wow a game, it is a memory game with chocolate. Who find the pairs is allowed to eat the chocolate. We will play it soon with my guests.

Thanks Murph! Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 12th April 2014


Hello friends, As you know I received a game from my friend Murph – and today we wanted to play it.

There were some chocolate bars with photos of wild animals on it. Well – a nice game – looking at photos.

But it was not that easy. They were turned on the wrong side and you can turn two. If they were the same photos you won the chocolate, if not you turn it again – and search new pairs, when it’s your turn. First I found two different animals.

It really was not an easy game. I had to find another giraffe.

Where could it be?

I was hopeless – I am not good in games like this. But then my girl-friend Kleine Fee came and helped me.

Together we found the two giraffes.

When we finished the game I was really good with four pairs – well – maybe Kleine Fee was good with four pairs, she is such an intelligent bunny!

Because we won the most pairs we shared two pieces of chocolate with the others.

It was yummy, Murph!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 20th April 2014


Hello friends, Happy Easter! Today it is the Day of the Bunnies! We all sat in the sunshine and waited for my mum RikeH.

She arrived and told us that the Easter Bunny has been here – and we could start searching for some sweets!

I found some chocolate!

Then we went to another part of the garden – here we should have a race for eggs.

We all were ready to run!

Look – I won the second place!

Later we found this great plant – chocolate lollipops are growing in it!

A great place – and we wanted to send Birthday wishes to a very special friend! Happy Birthday my good friend Helmutbluepant!

This was the first part of Easter – tomorrow we will meet the Eater Bunny!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 21st April 2014


Hello friends, Today was an exciting day, too. We went to visit my grandma. Many bunnies were living there.

We loved these beautiful flowers!

And we met these hens – I think they worked hard for Easter.

Maybe these were the children of the hens?

Then we met the Easter Bunny. This was so great – it was very nice and friendly.

When we came back to my home we went into the garden and saw two beautiful trees.

And I really like this yellow plant!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Grabau, Germany - 3rd May 2014


Hello friends, We went to another village today – called Grabau. There we saw a lot of big stones and learnt a lot about their history.

Behind me you can see one of the big stones.

We rested on another stone.

Then we went into the forest – time for a kind of safari. We will go into this house and look for wild animals.

There was a deer.

And a bunny! Far away!

And I found a small animal.

You remember that I saw a bunny – I went closer – and it was a friendly bunny!

I even met a boar – he was huge!

We continued our walk and went to a nice lake – the Hohendammer Mühlenteich. I learnt a lot about the animals here, too.

Many bird live here – maybe we will see some.

We were really quiet and saw some nice birds.

What a great place!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 10th May 2014


Hello friends, Today was a great day – Murph and his guests will come and visit us. We waited.

Then they arrived.

It was great to see them all.

Murph brought gifts for all of us!

Kleine Fee and I got the biggest gifts!

We opened it!

Wonderful and yummy!

I planned a game for us - how exciting!

I explained the rules. We played with the die.

Everyone who has a six put the cap and the scarf on like this. Then he or she was allowed to ‘fight’ with the wrapped chocolate. This seems to be funny. Let’s start.

I threw the dice – unfortunately no 6…

The next time there was a 6 – I took the cap and the scarf – and here I go.

Look, Murph looked really funny with the hat and scarf!

After the game we all ate sweets – yummy!

Later Murph showed me this great card that Soeren sent to him, maybe I will get a postcard of one of my guests in the future too?

Love Dicker Kumpel

Grabau, Germany - 11th May 2014


Hello friends, Today I went to the forest in Grabau. I’ve been there just two weeks ago, but Murph wanted to visit it – and of course I went with him, his guests and Buderus. First we sat on this great stone.

There was a lake near to it, so the trees live in the water.

We all loved this view.

I learnt a lot about trees and nature here.

Maybe I will become a nature musician in the future!

Then it was time to look out for animals. I went into this house.

There was a deer in the forest.

I went near to it and it was a friendly deer – I was allowed to sit on its head!

And I saw a wolf!

Then we went to the lake – we saw a lot of birds there.

It was so great to spend some time with Murph, my best friend.

Our last stop was this wooden wigwam.

On our way back home we stopped next to a maypole.

It was Mother’s day today, so I bought a nice flower for RikeH.

Later it was time to say goodbye to Murph and the others.

Fortunately Kleine Fee and I will meet Murph soon again.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 21st May 2014


Hello friends, I went to Hamburg today. Here you see me next to the lake Alster in the middle of Hamburg

Next to it I saw the town hall – a nice building. Maybe you see the cars of the firefighters? There was a big meeting of young firefighters in the town.

Many swans are living here.

Here you see the town hall again – well, maybe you see me better than the building…  

Love Dicker Kumpel

Dann habe ich meinen Freund Murph besucht.

Zeit mit Murph

Sülfeld, Germany - 17th August 2014


Hello friends, Time to celebrate –Kleine Fee and I came home from our holiday with Murph. The others waited.

Then we arrived – it was great to see them again.

It was nice to be together with so many TVs.

Murph and I brought delicious sweets.

Then we played in Murph’s new beach chair.

A photo with all of us!

Then it was time to say good-bye to Murph – we had a great time together.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 20th August 2014


Hello friends, We went to a small town called Bad Oldesloe. I saw a nice Water Wheel.

Next to it there was a sign where I learnt a lot about it.

Then I went to his church.

This river is beautiful – and on the sign you can see how high the water is.

They have nice old houses in the city centre.

And beautiful flowers.

Behind me you can see the town hall.

And another important house next to it.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 27th September 2014


Hello friends, Today is a wonderful day. It’s Murph's birthday and he visited us.

Then he showed the others what he brought for the party.

This looked very yummy!

And everyone got a cocktail!

Cheers! Let us enjoy it…

What a pity – already finished.

...After finishing our meal, Murph got his gift.

What will be in there?

Wow, this is beautiful!

I promised a big surprise! What will it be?

What is it? An UFO! Who will be in it?

Two beautiful Alien-Girls! Murph was blown away!

It was a great party!

Dicker Kumpel

Dann ging es nach Australien