home, Germany - 8th January 2010

Hi, Landroval arrived in Germany. I gave him a warm welcome.

I introduced him to some other nice guys here – we will go on a holiday together next week.

We talked a lot – and he told us a lot about Canada. Then he showed us his foot.

We all loved the nice Tattoo on it. Then we all showed our feet – I think that mine is the nicest, although I have no Tattoo on it.!

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 14th January 2010

Hi from snowy Sülfeld, We have winter here in Germany now. I wanted to show Sülfeld in the snow to you. So we made a nice walk this Monday. This is the old school.

The church is so beautiful in the snow – and the pharmacy is on the other side of the street.

A nice view of our way:

I had a great idea – I should build a snowman. It was hard work for a little ToyVoyager like me.

But look, he is great, isn’t he?

Well – I really love him...

Or at least his nose – maybe I should visit him in the night, when all the others are sleeping...

And look, who is back. My good old friend Murph. I am so happy that he is here again.

Snowy greetings Dicker Kumpel

Dann kam mein Jordanien-Urlaub.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 5th February 2010

Hello from cold Germany, a new guest arrived two days ago. She is called Agatha and came from Canada. I gave her a warm welcome – it is nice to have another bunny here!

We talked a lot – and she showed a viewcard from her country.

Today we decided to drive to a nice small town. It is called Bad Oldesloe. RikeH went to school there – many many years ago. They have a nice river there. I liked it – and saw some funny ducks in the water and on the ice.

This is the townhall. It was not so easy to take this photo, because the ground was very icy.

Another nice place in Bad Oldesloe.

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 15th February 2010

Helau from Germany, a new guest arrived – his name is Libbs and he is from Singapore. I gave him a warm welcome – he is so small.

Then I introduced him to the others.

Today we will have a great time – it is Carnival Monday. So I searched for a nice hat. RikeH offered three different ones.

I decided to take the green one.

Then I watched the parade in the TV.

The people in the parade threw sweets – called Kamelle... and I cought some.

I had so many...

I shared the sweets with my friends.

What a wonderful day! Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 19th February 2010

Hello from Hamburg, today we went to Hamburg again. We went there with the train.

I looked out of the window. Still winter here in Germany...

We went to the Alster – a big lake in the centre of Hamburg.

The weather wasn't very nice. So we decided to eat something delicious in a chinese restaurant.

It was a nice day – but we will come back, when the weather will be better. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 25th February 2010

Hello Hello, we went to Hamburg today. We hoped for better weather. Here you see us in the train.

I helped RikeH to write some postcards – they were really beautiful.

After it I looked out of the window. There was still snow outside.

I jumped around in the train – but it was not allowed, so RikeH put me in this funny net.

We wanted to explore the city, but the weather was awful. So we went into a big mall in the middle of Hamburg. We saw a shop with many nice toys – maybe one of them will become a TV, too?

This was the mall – really big!

Then I played on the piano – my music was wonderful.

From a bookstore we had a look on the Alster – maybe we will come back some day – and walk around it. To tell the truth - I have been there many times. :D

In the evening we started in the main train station.

We had fun. Hugs Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 28th February 2010

Hello from Hamburg, today Snuttig and I had a great evening. We went to Hamburg by car.

First we had a delicious meal in a restaurant with food from Pakistan. Great fish...

and some meat.

We talked a lot by candlelight.

Later we went into a theater called Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus.

There was the stage.

We had something nice to drink – and a wonderful funny evening.

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld , Germany - 1st March 2010

Hello hello,

because the weather outside is horrible, we had to stay inside the house. But RikeH offered us delicious cakes. Look, they are really big.

It's too cold outside – there were'nt any tulips, but we had some inside. They were wonderful.

After eating two big peaces of cake I relaxed and talked to the fishes.

Bye for now Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 6th March 2010

Hello from Amrum,

today we started our trip to Amrum Island – a nice German Island in the North Sea. We drove some hours – unfortunately the winter came back yesterday, but we arrived safe on the Coast – and saw our Ferry – called Schleswig-Holstein.

Here you see me inside - with the typical greeting – Moin Moin.

I went outside – the weather was sunny – but it was cold.

We stopped at another Island, called Föhr. Some people left the Ferry, but we went on to Amrum.

What a great trip. I will write more from Amrum soon.

yours Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 8th March 2010

Moin Moin, we made our first walk on Amrum. Here you see me in front of a typical house. They are so beautiful.

Then we went to the Dunes.

I enjoyed my time on a beach chair.

They had nice paths out of wood in the Dunes.

Amrum is a really nice place.

yours Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 10th March 2010

Moin Moin from Amrum,

today we explored Norddorf, the village, where we live. First we saw this funny stone. The language is not German, but the language from Amrum.

In this gate is written - better dead than slave. We say – better travelling than staying at home.

One of the wonderful old houses here.

We went into a nice café. I had a nice apple pie. And a hot chocolate with Grand Marnier. It was so yummy.

On our way back we saw another great house.

Hugs Dicker Kumpell

Amrum, Germany - 11th March 2010

Moin Moin, we went to Nebel and visited the church.

We went inside and spent some time there. We thought of a very good friend. Tobi, we miss you and we will never forget you.

Outside are interesting tombstones. The life stories of the dead people are written on the stones. We read a few.

Then we walked through the village – and saw some nice old red houses.

There was a beautiful wind mill.

We saw two old white houses – both colours are nice – and we loved the thatched roofs.

Amrum is a beautiful Island. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 12th March 2010

Moin Moin,

today we went to Norddorf and walk through the Dunes – there is a big lake. First we went along the Promenade and saw the Sea.

Here you see the wooden Path we were walking on.

This is the beautiful lake inside the Dunes.

Look – there is still ice on it. It is a really cold winter – and now spring here in Germany.

I hang around in the Dunes. It was great.

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 13th March 2010

Moin Moin,

it was a very cold day outside, so I decided to have a nice evening in front of the fireplace. First I had to work for it.

Then I had a relaxed evening – it was warm – and comfortable.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 14th March 2010

Moin Moin, I want to show you some nice things in the flat we are living. Some beautiful mussels.

A nice lighthouse. There are many lighthouses in this part of Germany.

Two strange fishes. They are able to live outside the water.

And here are two funny bunnies. They are sitting in an egg-sleigh and have fun all the day.

We all have fun here in the holidays ! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 15th March 2010

Hello from Amrum,

RikeH asked us, where we wanted to go today. So we took the map of Amrum Island and had a look. We decided to walk to the highest point of Amrum

Here you see me on the highest Dune – it is 32 m high. This was the way we walked on.

A nice view over the other Dunes.

I saw Norddorf in the distance.

RikeH gave me a coin – so I looked through this telescope. I saw the North Sea – amazing.

On our way back we stopped in a nice cafe. I had a delicious hot chocolate with advocaat and a yummy tart of raspberries.

A big hug Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 16th March 2010

Hello from the North Sea,


we went to the beach. The beach is very long here on Amrum – and not too many people walk here. We had a nice view of the beach.

I collected some mussels. They are so beautiful.

We went near to the North Sea – I had to be careful because I didn't want to get wet feet.

Look – sea-gulls are living here.

Back home I tried something special for this region. It is called Küstennebel – and really delicious.

Cheers Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 17th March 2010

Hello again,

We went into the Dunes - I wanted to show the others the wonderful lake. The lake is wonderful again – there was still some ice on it. And this time it was sunny!

There was a wooden way on this side of the lake.

The lake looked nice from another point next to it.

The path went through the Dunes – we had nice views from the highest point.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 18th March 2010

Hello from Amrum, We went to a nice little harbour. There are colorful houses.

We saw the Sea and a ship in the harbour.

These are big red buoys here – they get a new color, I think.

After it we went on a big playground. Here you see us together.

I had so much fun!

There were sheep next to the playground. Many sheep are living in this region of Germany.

Hugs Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 19th March 2010


today we visited an interesting place called Vogelkoje,

The birds came to this nice sea – and felt good.

But sometimes they went into this cage – and were caught by the people here – this is not fair...

But nobody does it anymore today. We went to another nice place then - a small lighthouse. You can see it behind me – far away.

We were in front of it, but RikeH forgot to take a photo of me. The lighthouse was so beautiful – I want to show it to you – so we show the photo of my friend Snuttig.

We had great views over the Dunes!

What a nice walk. Many greetings Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 20th March 2010

Moin Moin!

My last walk on Amrum Island – I really loved being her. I walked on the wooden path again

I had nice views from a look-out.

Wow – this was really steep!

I sat in the sun on the Dunes…

… and found this interesting sculpture.

A last view of the beach – there were beach chairs now.

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Amrum, Germany - 21st March 2010

Moin Moin

Our last day on Amrum Island – we were all sitting together and talked a lot.

Most of the others will leave us and our Host RikeH tomorrow. We are the lucky ones and can stay here for more days! We celebrated the last day on Amrum drinking a delicious bottle of wine.

Oups – very delicious.

We sat a very long time – and had so much fun. It is great to be a ToyVoyager!

Hugs Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 25th March 2010

Hello Hello,

we drove to Hamburg today.

In the train we read a book...

and had a look out of the window.

We went around the lake called Alster. The weather was nice – many people were there.

I saw many nice ducks.

We made a beautiful group photo.

This was on the other side of the Alster – a really great place!

Here you see another beautiful place – the Townhall.

It was a nice trip! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 29th March 2010

Hummel Hummel,

Because Snuttig wants to see the main attractions we went to Hamburg again. This is one of the most famous buildings in Hamburg, the church Michel.

Near to it is a modern building.

I saw this funny monument – it shows something from the Easter Islands.

We made a photo of the Church Michel from the distance.

Then we went to the Port of Hamburg. A really interesting place. We saw different kinds of ships.

Another interesting monument.

That was me in front of the old sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers.

Later we went into a café. We saw a nice piece of cake.

And a delicious cappuccino.

I jumped out of the bag and enjoyed this meal!

Back home there were two new ToyVoyagers. I gave a warm welcome to both of them. This is Charlie from Portugal.

And this is Sam Squirrel from Finland.

I introduced them to the others.

We all talked a lot and had fun. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 4th April 2010

Frohe Ostern,

Today is Easter. A little Easter Bunny came to us. He told us that there are some nice things for us hidden in the room.

Of course I started to search. First I looked under the arm chair, but I didn't see anything.

I walked around – and look what I saw...

A great success. Minutes later I jumped onto the table. There were beautiful flowers.

But it was no time to admire the flowers. I had to search Eggs – and look – behind the flowers were more sweets.

I went back to my place – I found so many sweets – wonderful.

In the afternoon we had some delicious cakes – they were really big, but I ate one!

Happy Easter! Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 5th April 2010

Hello again,

we are full of Easter Chocolate! So we decided to make a walk in the morning. Here you see us having a rest.

There were nice big trees here.

I sat in the sun – although you cannot see it on the photo - and relaxed.

We found a nice small river – lovely in both directions.

In the afternoon we visited [usr]RikeH[/usr]'s Mum – and met the Easter Bunny. He was so nice!

I found other funny bunnys.

There was a hen and her children.

We loved it there. Two of our friends will go to their next hosts. I said good-bye to both of them. Good-bye Snuttig

Good-bye S.

We all gave them a big hug.

I wish both of them a great time with their next hosts. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Ahrensburg, Germany - 10th April 2010

Hello from Ahrensburg


we made a short trip to a little town near to Sülfeld. It is called Ahrensburg. There was a beautiful castle.

These flowers are in the meadow in front of the castle.

Near to the Castle was a nice little church.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 15th April 2010

Hello from sunny Sülfeld,

Spring is in Germany now – we are so happy. Look at this wonderful yellow plant!

We made a walk along a nice little river.

Sülfeld has a wonderful old church. I love to show it to my friends!

On the other side of the street is the pharmacie.

On the way back we found another beautiful shrub. I loved the color!

Back home we made another nice photo – I love flowers!

yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 19th April 2010

Hello again,


today we wanted to play Pool.

I showed the others, how it works.

Then we played.

It was great fun : I won 10:09.

So I looked around – there must have been a horse here – years ago....

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 24th April 2010

Hi from Bad Oldesloe


we made a trip to a small city today. RikeH went to school there – years ago. First we went over a bridge – to go into the town center.

This ist the townhall with a wonderful fountain.

This view is wonderful.

There are nice old houses here.

We saw the river again.

It was a nice day! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 28th April 2010

Hello from Sülfeld,


Charlie will go to his next host soon. So we wanted to celebrate his last evening. We had a delicious salad.

Here you see us all together.

Then we had a barbecue.

It was really delicious – I ate a lot!

Then it was time to say good-bye to Charlie. I hope that he will have a nice trip!

We gave him a big hug.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Grabau, Germany - 2nd May 2010

Hello from Grabau,

We went to a nice little park near to Sülfeld today. It is called Naturerlebnis Grabau – and it was really interesting.

We learnt a lot about the trees in the forest and other things. But I like most a nice place next to a lake.

It was really a great time there.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 11th May 2010

Hello from Hamburg,


the weather looked sunny – so we jumped in RikeH's bag and went to Hamburg with her. Here you see us in the train.

First I looked out of the window...

...then I helped to write some postcards.

In Hamburg the weather wasn't so nice, but we went to the Town Hall. A wonderful building.

We went to the other side of the Town Hall.

On the way back to the place where RikeH works we saw these nice Arcades.

In the evening we went to see a game of handball.This is outside of the hall.

And here you see me inside.

Our team won 31:19 – it was a great day and evening! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Bad Segeberg, Germany - 16th May 2010

Hello from sunny Germany


It is Sunday and we made a nice trip to Bad Segeberg, a nice small town. On the way we stopped next to this field of rape.

The yellow is beautiful.

We went to the Lake – can you see the Monument? It is an Apache.

Here is the Lake – and we have sunshine today!

After the walk went to eat some icecream – it was delicious.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 20th May 2010

Hello from Hamburg,


we drove to Hamburg. We had the plan to visit the Cruiseship Terminal – a nice ship will be there. But first RikeH had to work and I explored the office. Funny guys are living here:

And these Easter Bunnys. They were out of chocolate, and were not able to talk with me.

The it was time to go to the Terminal. Look what happened – the ship was in the wrong direction for a nice photo. I would have loved to see the front. I've been here, when the QM2 was here – she was much bigger.

But now here was only this small ship - so I looked over the Port.

We walked over the ground there – two nice buildings.

We managed to have another look at the ship – but it was not so easy - and I made a little nonsense, when RikeH tried to take a nice picture.

We went to a playground and played on this great ship.

After playing I was able to make some more sightseeing. There are nice new and modern buildings in this part of the Port.

Here are new buildings and old ships – really interesting.

They will build a big theatre for classical music. Here were some informations about it - and you see me here – listening to some music.

We went back to work – to tell the truth, only RikeH worked – but on our way we saw these beautiful old buildings. Hamburg is a really wonderful city.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 26th May 2010

Hello again from Hamburg,


it is Saturday evening and we went to Hamburg again. RikeH told us that will go into the CCH – and see a funny man. Well – we were so excited. But before we went to an Australian Restaurant. I had a delicious cocktail – it was called Mai Tai – have you ever heard about it? It was so yummy...

...but very strong for a little Toyvoyager.

We went into the theatre – and found out that we were not allowed to take photos. But one should be okay, before it started...

I had so much fun and laughed a lot – and not only because of the Mai Tai. Back home we had a look in the web – and look – this was the funny man – called Jürgen von der Lippe.

A nice evening. It is great to be a Toyvoyager. Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 29th May 2010

Hello from home,


Some new guys arrived in the last days. Abraham Lincoln from the USA, Nori from Canada, snakey from Honk Kong and Captain Caramel from Wales. To celebrate it we had a big barbecue. Look – so many different kinds of food.

It was so delicious!!!

After it we went into the garden and found so beautiful lilac. First the white one...

then the purple one.

After it we played a funny game – it is called Plumpsack – we had so much fun - you see me running aound the others – a great afternoon.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 3rd June 2010



some of my guests will travel to their next hosts soon- but they should see the Port of Hamburg before they leave. Fortunately we had great weather today – and went to Hamburg. We are a lot at the moment – here you can see us. [

I looked out of the train window – it is beautiful out there.

Here you can see me in front of the famous church Michel in Hamburg. I know, you love this church.

And there was this funny statue next to it.

Later we went to the Port. There were a lot of ships.

The white ship is the Cap San Diego – in the other direction you can see a big sailing ship – called Rickmer Rickmers.

Two other nice views of the port – I really loved it.

Home in Sülfeld it was time to say good-bye to some of our friends. They got a big hug!

I hope that they will have a safe trip. Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 13th June 2010

Hi Soccer-Fans,


It is the World Championship in Soccer at the moment. This evening Germany plays versus Australia. As a German Bunny I really wanted to watch this game – so we all decided to watch it in the TV. Here you see us on our chair, before the games started. Nori wasn't very interested first and looked into the wrong direction...

We went onto another chair – closer to the TV. It started really well for Germany – with a first goal. We all sat there, but Topple is so big that you maybe cannot see all of me. Topple arrived two days ago – a really friendly TV from Russia.

But here I am alone. RikeH took the photo when it was time for the second goal for Germany

Germany won 4 :0. So RikeH's boy-friend was very happy! We celebrated it back on our chair – and this time Nori celebrated it with us.

Ole ole ole ola!!!! Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 14th June 2010

Hello from me,


Today it is my birthday! I am so happy. RikeH gave me a big hug, these nice flowers and a present.

The other TVs sang Happy Birthday for me – it was such a nice moment.

Then I showed my present.

Delicous sweets – really great.

Of course I shared my sweets with the others and we talked a lot.

I will celebrate my birthday this week-end – and tell you more about it then. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Malchow, Germany - 18th June 2010

Hi from Malchow, I had birthday this week.

We decided to celebrate it – and made a nice trip this week-end. We drove to Malchow. The first place we visited was a nice big forest where a family of Barbary Apes are living. It was fun to watch them.

This is the townhall of Malchow.

I had a nice view over the Fleesensee. A really nice place.

yours Dicker Kumpel

Malchow, Germany - 19th June 2010

Hello from Malchow again,


on Saturday we played in the garden of the Hotel. There was a nice pavilion with music.

You can see our hotel in the background.

Look – there is a nice little river in the garden – I put my feet into it. It was pretty cold.

After playing in the garden, we all relaxed in this great chair – next to the Fleesensee.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Malchow, Germany - 20th June 2010

Hello from Malchow and Plau,


look – we had nice flowers in our room.

But we had to leave. Before we drove back to Sülfeld we decided to work on one of Captain Caramel's Life Missions and we made a nice trip with a boat. Here you see me on the boat.

It was too cold outside, so we decided to go into the boat.

It was nice to see the nature outside – and sit in the warm room. In another small city called Plau am See we made a short walk and saw the town hall.

Here you see me in front of our boat.

It was a great trip! Love Dicker Kumpel

Dann kam meine nächste Donau-Kreuzfahrt.

Hamburg, Germany - 16th July 2010

Hi from a Motorbike,


We went to work with RikeH today – because her colleague has a big motorbike and we were allowed to play on it. So here you see me in front of it.

I really would love to drive with it, but I am too small.

So I decided to relax and take a nap.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Salem, Germany - 31st July 2010

Hi from a Campsite,


Dörte – another TV invited us. We visited her on a Campsite and had a Barbecue.

We looked around on the table and found Salad, too.

Dörte worked hard.

Hey – it looked yummy – and it was delicious.

Really yummy – and we all ate too much.

Later we made a walk – and had a look over the Campsite.

We made a rest and were allowed to choose an ice-cream.

I had this one – called Spaghetti Ice.

It was a great day – we said goodbye to Dörte.

At home we had to say goodbye to snakey, too. Snahey will go to Turkey now.

We gave her a big hug.

I talked with Snakey - we had such a nice time together, I will miss her.

I hope that Snakey will have a great time in Turkey. Bye Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 7th August 2010

Hello from Sülfeld,


the weather was sunny today – so we made a walk around Sülfeld. We stopped at a nice little river. This is one direction...

and this is the view into the other direction.

We stopped at another beautiful place. On the second photo you can see a little white mark – it was a stork.

I loved this wonderful big tree behind me. If you read my travellog all the time – you will know it.

Back home we went through the garden. Look, what the slugs did to this poor flower.

Fortunately not all flowers were eaten by the slugs.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Lübeck, Germany - 15th August 2010

Hi from Lübeck,


Because I was so alone at home, RikeH invited me to drive to Lübeck with her. I met Dörte there.

Then I had something delicious to drink – called KiBa.

and I helped Grandma to eat Currywurst with Pommes.

After it we made a walk through Lübeck. This is the house where the Buddenbrooks lived.

A big church...

...and the Town Hall.

Later we went to the Holsten Gate. It was on the German Bills some years ago.

There was a Miniature of Lübeck.

The Town Hall and other buildings from the other side.

Lübeck is a nice city – now I will wait for new guests at home. Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 17th August 2010

 I am so happy – something interesting arrived – a wonderful bag. And RikeH told me, that I am not alone anymore.

I looked into the bag...

… surprise!!! Two new guests – they are Pippi and fai.

I was so happy to see them – and gave them a big hug!

Then we talked a lot – I am so happy to have new guests!!!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 19th August 2010

Hello from Hamburg,


today we went to Hamburg with RikeH. We saw two nice old buildings – called Sprinkenhof (RikeH worked there years ago) and the Chilehaus.

Then we went into a restaurant - the Balutschistan. They serve food from Pakistan there. First I had a beer.

then this delicious food.

I ate so much!

After it we went to visit another TV – called Dörte.

We helped her to find a new host. She only travelled with her Mum until now – but now she will travel around, too.

Then we had a look, how Dörte lives. A funny guy is standing here...

…and some friendly pigs.

She loves candles.

In one corner there are many animals from Africa.

Can you see me in the plant?

At the end I met these funny and colorful guys...

Many greetings Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 21st August 2010

Hello from home,


today we will celebrate the birthday of my Grandma – Hummel. Happy Birthday, dear Grandma.

And the best thing was, that my best friend Murph came to celebrate it with us.

I introduced him to Pippi and fai.

Surprise – Murph gave me a present – although it is not my birthday.

I opened it - a beautiful box....

… with sweets in it. Thanks a lot Murph!

But then it was time to party – first we had delicious salads.

Look – I ate all of this.

After the lunch the postman came – he brought a little parcel – with Sweet Mimi[. A beautiful Bunny-Girl !!! I gave her a warm welcome. It is a pleasure to be the host for another bunny.

I introduced her to the others.

No time to talk – it is a party – time for the cakes.

I chose this yummy cake.

After this, we had to say good-bye to Murph – he will stay with RikeH's sister. We gave him a big hug.

I went outside with him. He showed me his new car. The same color as Murph. This is cool.

I was a little sad that he drove away – but he has so much fun with Bine and Holger.

When they were away I looked around – and see, what happened. Many storks flew over our house – and landed on the houses of our neighbours. Can you see them?

There were eight of them, RikeH told me that they strarted their trip to Africa. Tomorrow we will start a one-week-holiday. I will write soon. And Murph - if you read this - it was great to meet you!!!! Bye Dicker Kumpel

Danach war ich eine Woche im schönen Harz.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 4th September 2010

Hi from Bad Oldesloe,


I showed my guests the city, where RikeH went to school - years ago... First we went to a nice river.

Here I stood in front of the Townhall.

This is the church near to the city centre.

There are many nice old houses.

And I really loved this view.

Normally the water wheel normally moves - but not today.

Many greetings Dicker Kumpel

Eekholt, Germany - 10th September 2010

Hello again,


today we went to a Park with many animals.

This beech marten looked so nice, but RikeH's Mum told me that they sometimes live in the houses of the humans, and the humans don't really like it.

The wild boars were really funny.

I saw a wonderful roe.

Maybe you cannot see them so well, but there were many storks.

Can you see, who is this?

Yes it was a badger, but a really tired badger.

I talked with this friendly sheep. She told me that some relatives of me are living here.

So I went to visit them.

After the long walk we all relaxed on this monument.

Back home I found this wonderful card - made by olgamaus - with so many nice photos of ToyVoyagers - and I know many of them.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 11th September 2010

Hi from Hamburg,


Bernd the Bread arrived this week. Of course I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to the others - and we talked a lot.

Today I drove with him to Hamburg. We arrived there and took the first photo in front of this great house - called the Fischauktionshalle.

Then we went along the River Elbe. Can you see the submarine behind me?

They repair a big cruise ship - called Europa. I would love to travel on it.

A warship from Brazil visited the Port.

I don't know, why there were sea gulls here - we are not next to the sea.

Many people drove on these nice ships.

The port was full of tourists, so we decided to drive home. Maybe we will come back another day.

Although the photos looks like it was a dark Autumn Day, we had a lot of sun - and temperatures like in summer. yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 15th September 2010

Hi from Sülfeld,


it was time to show my guests Sülfeld today. First I went to the nice old Church, but I only took photos of the others, because I have around 30 photos of me in front of the Church. Then I showed them, where the mayor works.

I loved this old door.

Later we went to a nice little lake.

And we enjoyed the sun.

I am a little sad today - it is the birthday of my good friend Tobi, who died this year. we really miss him! Love Dicker Kumpel

Malchow, Germany - 18th September 2010

Hello again,


We went to a small town called Malchow. This is the view to the Malchow Lake. We had nice sunshine.

I had a nice cup of coffee and a delicious cake.

This is the town's landmark - a church.

And this is the view back to the city.

The townhall...

... and another view of the church.

Back to the hotel - we went through the garden of the hotel. You can see the hotel in the background.

There is a nice small Pavillon in the garden.

This is the view of the garden from our balcony. Really nice!

We relaxed in the sun and talked about our adventures in Malchow.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Waren, Germany - 19th September 2010

Ahoi from the MS Stadt Malchow,


We made a trip on a boat to another town, called Waren. Our trip lasted two hours.

This is the Müritz - the biggest Lake of Germany, that only belongs to Germany.

Far away you can see Waren.

I talked with this friendly wooden guy.

This is a photo of our boat.

Views from the biggest place in Waren.

A really wonderful church.

The inner Harbour.

We started with a wooden guy - at the end of our trip we met this colorful man - he told me great stories.

When we waited for the boat back to Malchow - many nice small birds were around.

What a wonderful day! Love Dicker Kumpel

Wismar, Germany - 20th September 2010

Hello from Wismar,


Today we went back home and stopped in a town called Wismar. This is the centre of the old town is the huge Market Place, the largest in Germany (10,000 square metres). The square's focal point is the Wasserkunst, an elaborate wrought-iron fountain imported from Holland in 1602.

The northern side of the square is occupied by the Town Hall, built in neoclassical style in 1817–1819.

Another notable building in the square is an ancient Gothic warehouse called Alter Schwede (The Old Swede), erected around 1380.

The 80 m high tower church of St Mary (Marienkirche) is the only remainder of the original Brick Gothic edifice, built in the first half of the 13th century. It suffered heavy damage in World War II, and was deliberately destroyed in 1960 under the East German Communist government.

Then we went to the old port. In the background you can see the Water Gate.

And here is a view of the harbour.

I walked over a bridge with 4 pigs on it - I loved this funny one most.

Bernd the Bread is really famous in Germany. He is a TV-Star. Back home we saw one of his shows in the TV. I am proud to be his friend.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 28th September 2010

Hi from Hamburg,


a few days ago Timothy III. arrived. I gave him a warm welcome...

and introduced him to the others.

Today we went to Hamburg. I wanted to show the new guest an interesting house - here it is - the Levantehaus.

A nice entrance.

Just better - some wild animals.

But look there it is - a wonderful Rhino. Just like Timothy. Really inside the house.

Next to him, there are other strange animals.

A nice window in the top of the house.

We went upstairs to get closer to the Rhino and we talked a lot.

This was really great. Later we went back home - in the station we saw a lot of trains - this is the fastest in Germany called ICE train.

This was our train - not so fast.

We went upstairs to have a better look.

The train was very modern.

I watched out of the window - it was dark outside.

Bye bye dear train!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 4th October 2010

Hello from home again,


the weather was really nice today - so we decided to make a walk around Sülfeld. I met this funny little guy - nice color!

The trees start to change their colors.

This is the way I walked along.

I love this big tree!

Another nice view on my way.

I spent some times talking with these cows.

Later we walked over a bridge. I looked into this direction...

then into the other. Grass, trees and the ceiling.

As you know I love flowers - I found these daisies.

Back home I sat a moment in the garden - and enjoyed the sun.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 9th October 2010



Padi arrived in Sülfeld. I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to the others.

The weather was nice - and we went to Hamburg. We are on our way!

We went into the city park. There were nice flowers.

There is a big lake in the Park, but it was too cold to swim in it.

Look - the tree has a wonderful color.

This is a really big lawn, many people were there - played games and flew kites.

The last thing we saw was the Planetarium - a really nice building.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Bad Segeberg, Germany - 16th October 2010

Hello again,


today we went to Bad Segeberg, a nice little town near to Sülfeld. We started in front of this nice old building.

This is a really funny fountain with a man on it. But the sun was in the wrong direction, so you cannot see it that good. Fortunately we were able to see it.

Next to it there were beautiful flowers - I had to sit next to the flowers!

Another beautiful old building.

and the church.

Then we walked up a hill and had a great view of the theatre where they play stories of Karl May in the summer.

Some minutes later I had this view over the city and the big lake of Segeberg.

Here you can see all of us.

On the way back to our car we stopped at a small lake and met some ducks.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 24th October 2010

Hello friends of chocolate,


I had a big surprise for Timothy. Look!

Yes, we had a chocolate fondue.

First we heat the cream.

Then I put the chocolate into it.

Ready to start!

The first one was a grape.

Then a piece of banana.

So many fruits - chocolate fondue seems to be very healthy. Well, I am ready.

But it was so yummy. It was one life mission of Timothy - great to help! yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 25th October 2010


Frankie_Blue arrived today. I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to the others.

He shared his Halloween-Sweets with us.

Then we went outside to make a walk. Here you see us...

...on a big tractor.

Look - a beautiful plant and a lady beetle.

The autumn starts - the trees change their colors.

First I saw this little river...

...later a little lake.

We passed a dangerous place - it is the house of the shooting club.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 31st October 2010

Hello friends of Halloween,


It is me - Dicker Kumpel. Are you surprised to see me like that? It is Halloween!!! We all wanted to go as ghosts - but to tell the truth, RikeH is not really good in creating costumes, although she spent hours on it. Well now I look like something between a ghost and a mummy, but I am sure, we will have fun this day.

Well, we went outside and stopped at the first house we found. It seems to be winter? A funny snowman. Can you see me in my costume?

The door opened and we sang a song - and recited a poem.

Good luck for us - we got sweets.

Well - it was a rainy day - so we decided to go back onto our armchair.

We put away our costumes - well - not everybody did it. Maybe a real ghost - we all were very curious.

Fortunately not - it was a new ToyVoyager here - called Hoots. We were very surprised, because we didn't know that he would come. He was invited more than 6 weeks ago...

Of course I gave him a warm welcome.

RikeH told us that we should eat something normal, before eating all the candys, so we had some burgers.

I shared mine with Timothy.

It was yummy. We will spend the rest of the day looking out of the window - and watching the ghosts outside.


love Dicker Kumpel