Sülfeld, Germany - 14th June 2009

Hello, I am a ToyVoyager now - but I think, that I would not love to travel in envelopes, so I decided to travel with my Mum RikeH or stay at home and talk with the other TVs, who come and visit us. And I want to show the nicest views of our garden, because I love flowers. So, that is me with some nice flowers in the garden.



Hamburg, Germany - 15th June 2009

Hello, Today we drove to Hamburg – Germany’s second largest city. The weather wasn’t that good, but there was no rain. So, we are ready to go !

You can see me in front of the town hall – a beautiful building. Next to it, there are swans – nice birds, but VERY big. Then there is just another view of the town hall.

This is the Alster – a nice lake in the centre of Hamburg. There is a nice fountain on it – and small boats make trips over the lake.

When we went into one shop, we saw this funny family. We were told, that they are film stars – and many people know them.

It was a nice day.

home, Germany - 16th June 2009

Because Penny will leave tomorrow, we had a nice party. I made some cakes and muffins and we ate most of them – it was wonderful.


Penny, I wish you great trips around the world.

Sülfeld, Germany - 19th June 2009

Today we made a nice walk around Sülfeld. This is a cornfield, but the plants are really small now. Rike told us, that they will be much bigger in a few days. Maybe we can come again – and see it then.


We found a little bridge over a small river. There were nice views in both directions. I tried to see fishes, but didn’t find any.



After the long walk we had a rest in the sun – and talked a lot. Do you know, that ToyVoyager can talk together, although they come from different countries. I think, that we have our own language.



At the end of our walk we saw this giant new green tractor. I wanted a picture with it – and here it is !


home, Germany - 21st June 2009

This week-end we were lazy at home. We decided to explore the house and find some interesting things. First these wonderful flowers!

After it I tried to call some other TV, but I didn’t know the numbers …

Then we found these strange things- Rike told us, that they were used for horses, which worked on farms. But we didn’t see any horses here. If you are afraid of spiders, don’t look at the second photo!!!

At the end I played the trumpet – okay – it is not a trumpet. Who knows, what kind of instrument it is, can send us a PM….. Now I will play it, so Rike cannot sleep – it is so funny to be a ToyVoyager.

Bad Segeberg, Germany - 22nd June 2009

We went to Bad Segeberg – a nice small town with a very nice lake. Here are the Karl-May-Festivals – great fun. First we saw the church and next to it a beautiful big tree.

Behind me is a monument for the festival – I love it !

Then we walked around the lake – we saw some ducks – and loved the different views over the lake!

After the long walk we enjoyed to sit in the nature. A great day !

Sülfeld, Germany - 24th June 2009

Today was Bree’s last day at Rike’s home, so Rike asked Bree, what she would love to do. She wished to go onto the playground and have a nice time there.

Then it was time to say good-bye to Bree. We sat together in the lovely flowers. And especially I hugged her, because we are very close friends now.

Bree, I hope, that you will have great trips all around the world.

Sülfeld, Germany - 25th June 2009

Milala and Ninni arrived at Rike’s home today – and there were Slummy, me and Murph waiting for them!

Especially I was so happy to see Ninni, one of my missions is it to welcome 5 other bunnies – and she is the first one. We will become great friends – I am sure about it !

We all will go on a cruise on the River Danube, there is very high water at the moment – so it will be an adventure!!! Because we are nice TVs, we tried to help Rike to pack the bags.

We decided that long hippo and blue hippo should come with us.

Rike wasn’t that lucky with our idea, so we decided to need some games…

Help, what is that? Rike told us something, like – you are not really helpful - and put us in this nice basket…

…and now???? She had a strange smile in her face and brought us in the garden…

Well, we cannot help her now – but because we are ToyVoyagers, we will start to talk and talk and talk.

Danach kam dann meine tolle Donau-Kreuzfahrt.

(Draufklicken und Du kommst direkt zur Kreuzfahrt)

Hamburg, Germany - 12th July 2009

Today we went to Hamburg, because we celebrated Ninni. She is the ToyVoyager of the week. The weather wasn’t that nice on the way to Hamburg, but there it went better.

First we did some sightseeing, but not too much. We looked at the town hall – first from the front – with the little festival, where we wanted to celebrate.

Then we went to the other side of the town hall, where a nice fountain is.

Here you can see us all together – celebrating Ninni!! And me playing in the wine!

We had wine and ate something delicious – called Flammkuchen. You see a photo before we started – and when we finished.

Oups – maybe a little too much wine?

We really had a great time!!!

Bad Segeberg, Germany - 15th July 2009

Hello from Bad Segeberg !


We were in Bad Segeberg again, because we wanted to find the people from the monument. It is strange, that they are here – but we found out, that they play theatre in this town – written by Karl-May.

We found this funny telephone box – and I wanted to call someone. But it didn’t work…

This funny man had a good time. It was so hot, but he stood inside a fountain. I wanted to stand next to him, but RikeH didn’t allow it. So we only played outside the fountain.

At the end of our walk, we saw this lovely church.

Hamburg, Germany - 18th July 2009

Hello from Hamburg again. Last week we hadn’t had nice weather in Hamburg – so we tried it again today. And look, what we saw out of the window of our train – the sun!

The town hall looks much nicer in the sunshine. And we saw the Alsterarkaden – they are very beautiful.

Then we crossed the street and went to the Alster. There we saw the fountain and the nice boats. When we walked on the boarder of the lake, we saw swans and geese.

This wonderful view is from the other side. Because we all loved this view, we wanted to have an own photo - and one from all of us!

On the way back to the train station (on the second photo) we made a stop at the Kunsthalle – a museum of Art.

Inside the station we waited for our train – and I wanted to show you the nice station!

We entered the train and had a nice meal – what a great sunny trip!!!

Lübeck, Germany - 22nd July 2009

Hello from Lübeck !

We went to Lübeck. It is a nice city – in 1987 the Unesco declared the existing cityscape to be a World Cultural Heritage Site. And it is a great city. First we saw the Holsten Gate – it was on the 50-DM-bank-note of Germany. But now they have the Euro here.


Next to the Gate are the Salt Warehouses.

Then we climbed up the tower of the St. Peter’s Church. We had a lovely view of the city…

We saw some other nice buildings – and a funny animal.

When we arrived at home, a new ToyVoyager was waiting for us - she is called Rhinono and we talked a lot! She came from China – and had a very fast trip !

What a wonderful day !

Hamburg, Germany - 25th July 2009

Hello from Hamburg,

we went to the port of Hamburg today. Rike told us, that there are many beautiful ships. We started at the Landungsbrücken – it is the place where the ships arrived in the past. In the other direction we saw nice old ships – we made nice pictures nearer to them later this day.

On our way to the old ships we saw these colorful bikes. They are for rent, but we didn’t rent them. My legs are too short for these bikes.

Then we saw this big anchor – can you see me in front of it?

This is the Rickmer Rickmers. In 1896 it was constructed as a three-master ship on Rickmer's shipyard in Bremerhaven. It was rebuilt to a three-master barque in Capetown in 1904 after having been damaged a heavy storm. The Rickmer Rickmers was sailing between Europe and Chile, loaded mainly with carbon and nitre. In 1916 it was confiscated by the Portugueses. From this time on it was used as training ship for the Portuguese navy under the name SAGRES. In 1983 it was sold to the organization "Windjammer for Hamburg" and towed to Hamburg - as a fully dilapidated hulk (without masts). After a restoration of several year the wrack became a neat symbol of the Hamburg harbour. Important facilities like the engine-room or the officers' cabins were restored with love. The ship can be visited daily. Under deck there is a restaurant as well as a show room where interesting, often changing exhibitions of maritime contents can be seen. We didn’t want to see the inside – so we only took nice photos from the outside.

This is the other old ship. The Cap San Diego, built in 1961, is a unique testimony to seafaring and is berthed in her old home harbor of Hamburg as a »museum you can touch« since 1986. She is the last of the classic cargo ships, referred to as the "White Swan of the South Atlantic."

This is the look over the port where a swimming crane came along.

At the end we saw the fire-ship – and on the other side a huge building, where a big publisher has his rooms. The church you can see behind the building is called ‘The Michel’ and is a very famous church for the people from Hamburg.

I really loved this day at the port. Hamburg is a wonderful city!

Hamburg, Germany - 31st July 2009

Hello from Hamburg again,


we went to the cruise ship terminal in Hamburg today. That was the big tower – we will have a nice view of the ship, when we are on the tower.

But you can see, what happened. We saw the building, but there was no cruise ship.

Then I looked in another direction and found a beautiful ship. We all decided that we wanted to play on it.

We played hide and seek. I was the first who run away and I found a great place to hide.

After it we wanted a photo on the ship. First we were on the deck…

…then we climbed onto the mast. We had a nice view from there! We talked and enjoyed the sun!

We decided to have a race to the swing. Rhinono had the best start – she jumped – and won. We others climbed down the mast. Rhinono is very brave!

On the swing we had a great time. Playgrounds are great for ToyVoyagers.

At the end I relaxed in the hammock. What a wonderful day in Hamburg again!

Sülfeld, Germany - 2nd August 2009

Hello from Sülfeld ! I


t is Sunday – and we made a tour with the bike. We made a rest at a nice place. You can see me on the bike.

This is a big field with corn, but it is not really ready to be eaten.

Here you can see all of us – we had so much fun together on the bike!

Look – how long our way was!

Some miles later we saw these nice horses.

Back home Rike showed us, how the corn looks like, when you buy it in a shop.

Hamburg, Germany - 4th August 2009

Hello from Hamburg again.


here is a big fair – called Dom. First we looked around and saw many people and carrousels. One was for children; the next one was very interesting – so fast moves…

Then I was very afraid – a white shark came from the side. Fortunately I found out that he was a friendly shark – and I was allowed to make this scary photo!

That was amazing. I needed to eat something – and found delicious strawberries with chocolate.

We then saw the big roller coaster with two loops. I didn’t want to try it out…

Look at this funny corn-man. I loved him!!!

Later we saw a boat trip – the people became wet in it – it was funny.

We wanted a nice photo of the group and found this funny place. After it, we bought a nice heart from Hamburg.

When we walked around we saw the big wheel. It is really big – the biggest big wheel, that can travel around the world. Maybe it is a Big Wheel Voyager?

I wanted to make a trip with the big wheel – and we went into it. I had to hold the hand of Tobi, because he was a little afraid. (Or maybe I was a little scared, because it was so high.) We saw many interesting things from Hamburg from high above - the Dom, the Port and the church Michel. It was great!

What a wonderful day!!!! We went back home and relaxed on the couch.

Hamburg, Germany - 6th August 2009

Greetings from the stadium in Hamburg !


Today it is time for sports – not me, of course. I went to the HSV – a German soccer team. The best of course! We went into the stadium. It is really big. Before the match started, all players were on the field for the warm-up.

We had nice places – but later more people came to watch the match.

At the end, our team lost – bad luck…. But it was interesting – and better than watching it in the TV.

Sülfeld, Germany - 6th August 2009

When I came back from the match in Hamburg, I decided to find two friends. ThomasHH and BineHH were lost. I decided to find them again. I asked the crystal ball and looked into it to find both.


I had to get closer to it, it is hard work….

BANG – it worked. I don’t know why, but both are back in Sülfeld. That is great !!!!

We are all very happy – what an amazing crystal ball.

But look – it wasn’t a crystal ball, but a magic hippo.

Thanks magic hippo – they are back home again!


Hamburg, Germany - 7th August 2009

Hello from the port of Hamburg,


ThomasHH and BineHH came back from nowhere with the help of me and a magic hippo. They were both lost – what a bad experience. We all hope, that we never will have this experience again. We are so happy that they are back!

We talked about our trips and came to the topic of cruise ships. RikeH told us about a big ship that will be in Hamburg today. It is called Queen Mary 2. We couldn’t believe how big it is. length: 1132 feet / 345 meters, Height 236 feet 2 inches / 72 meters. Passengers: 2620 (3090 max). We think that maybe all TVs could travel on it at the same time. That would be a party. We decided to go to Hamburg again – and see the QM2 in reality. But first we saw a model –it is not really big…

We went to the Cruise Terminal – you remember – I have been there last week, when there wasn’t any ship. Wow – the QM2 is really big!!!

In the afternoon we went to the port again, because we wanted to see the ship, when it was in action on the river Elbe. We waited…

Then it came – it is amazing!!!

I think, I should go on my next cruise soon! But I loved the small ship on the Danube, too.

Hamburg, Germany - 10th August 2009

Hello from ???


A friend of RikeH needed a new lamp for his flat. He asked me to help him to find the right one. We went to a lamp store. Wow there are a lot of lamps!!!

I loved a brown lamp, but RikeHs friend decided to buy this one. It is really funny – it looks like an unidentified flying object.

Help, I think it is an UFO……

Hamburg, Germany - 13th August 2009

Hello from Hamburg,


We went to the Speicherstadt of Hamburg today. This is the place, where the old storehouses are. But the place changed – and there are many new buildings now. Here you can see, that they build many new houses.

This is a nice old ship – we loved it.

These are the old houses – they are very beautiful.

This is the church called Michel. It is a symbol for Hamburg and we will go on the top now.

But first we saw this monument – a woman called Zitronenjette.

Now we are on the top of the Michel. The weather is not the best, but we can see a lot. Do you see the big wheel – I’ve been on it some days ago.

These are views over the port - and the city.

Look, there is the Speicherstadt !!!

Back on the ground we saw the town hall. Next to it, there are swans – and nice buildings.

What a wonderful day!

Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 15th August 2009

Hello from Bad Oldesloe,


We have a new ToyVoyager now. He is called Michel and his Mum is the Mum of RikeH. Isn’t that funny? RikeH is my Mum – so he is my uncle, I think. I gave him a warm welcome.

Then he said hello to all of us – and gave us some sweets. What a nice surprise!

He just arrived in the right time, because we went to a small city called Bad Oldesloe. We made a nice walk there. Can you see this nice mill-wheel behind me?

There are many old houses like this in the city.

There is a nice small river in the city.

Mum, I just found out, that I will become a policeman soon. They have so beautiful cars!

There was a beautiful fountain in front of the town hall.

I am so excited – RikeH told us, that we will go to the Zoo soon – and to a birthday party.

Hamburg , Germany - 18th August 2009

Hello from the Zoo !


What a great day. We went to the Zoo of Hamburg today. It is called Hagenbeck and was founded on this place in May 1907 – what a long time! First we saw the elephants – there are small ones – they are so cute – and they played together.

This was the first gate of the Zoo. Now the Zoo is bigger – so the gate is inside the park.

We saw this funny bird and zebras. A Zoo is really nice, but I prefer to travel around with [usr]RikeH[/usr]!

The giraffes are the biggest animals – hm, [tv]ThomasHH[/tv] is smaller. But this is better for a TV...

We found some bunnies; they seem to have a nice life there.

At the end we’ve been in the Aquarium – what a lot of nice and colourful fishes!

It was a wonderful day in the Zoo!

Sülfeld, Germany - 23rd August 2009

Hello from Sülfeld!


I’ve been on a birthday party today. It was a lot of fun – and I ate so much! First I helped with the barbecue.

Everything looked so delicious!

In the afternoon we get coffee and cakes! There was one with carrots!

After it, we sat together and had a lot of fun!

Grabau, Germany - 26th August 2009

Hello from Grabau !


We made a trip to a nice little park near to Sülfeld. Here you can see us on a big stone.

This is a really funny tree.

We found a small lodge at the lake side. It is a place to watch birds!

Can you see me in the tree? (Next to the BIG bird)

At the end of the trip, we went to the playground. What a nice place!

Sülfeld, Germany - 31st August 2009

Hello from Sülfeld, RikeH goes to the playground with us.

We enjoyed the sun!

That was really great! Back home Rhinono and Michel told us, that they will leave us now. We all were very sad – and gave them a big hug!

I told both of them, that they were great guests – and I hope that they will have great adventures with their new hosts!

Hamburg, Germany - 10th September 2009

Today we went to Hamburg, because my Mum wanted to show us the Alster – a nice lake in the middle of the town. I already saw it, but wanted to have some photos with my friends. Here you can see us in front of the Alster.

Some views from the other side:

The Hummel is a typical for Hamburg – we made some funny photos on two different Hummel-Men.

Sülfeld, Germany - 11th September 2009

Hello from Sülfeld Today we played in the garden.

The other made a race – but I enjoyed the sun.

After it we relaxed in beautiful trees. I really loved them.

It was time to say good-bye to Nippy and Pinkz.

They get a big hug!

Especially Pinkz has become a great friend of mine – I will miss her!

We will go on a nice holiday soon. I hope that we can do some updates – but if not, be sure that we have a good time. And we will update, when we come back.

Sülfeld, Germany - 9th October 2009

Hi from Sülfeld! I started the day out in the garden with a nice tree.

In the evening we played some games – and I won.

The first price was this delicious chocolate marshmallow .

yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 12th October 2009

Hi out there, Today Murph and Orpheus left – they got a big hug !

I will really miss both - Orpheus and I had a great time on our trip

and Murph was here for ages - but he will come again!

Mystery and I made a nice walk in the afternoon – I showed him Sülfeld. What a nice red colour!

We stopped in the sunshine.

And here is the beautiful church of Sülfeld – next to it was a wonderful big tree.

At the end we helped RikeH to shop.

Back home again...

A great day! yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 15th October 2009

Hi from Hamburg, Yesterday Hugo arrived at RikeH’s home. Mystery and I gave him a warm welcome.

Today I went to Hamburg with both of them. I’ve already been there very often, but it is such a wonderful city.

Here is a photo with all of us:

We relaxed in the sun again. What a nice day for October.

There were some ducks in the lake and a big statue outside.

We found a nice palm tree – in the North of Germany – that is strange, isn’t it? I saw some in Croatia some weeks ago...

Now a view to the town hall – and other nice buildings again..

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 18th October 2009

Hi from Hamburg! Yesterday Blinchick arrived. We gave him a warm welcome.

We watched a match of handball today. Here you see us on the way to the statium.

On the way we saw this funny garden – full of garden gnomes.

Next to the handball statium is the soccer stadium, where the famous HSV plays.

This was the stadium we went into to see the match from the HSV against Zagreb Croatia.

You see all of us on our seat.

It was so interesting!

We won!!! What a great evening! yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 20th October 2009

Hi from Sülfeld The weather was nice and we decided to make a walk in the sunshine. Here I am on a small bridge.

A nice view over the fields.

We found a really big tractor.

At the end we went to the playground and had so much fun!

yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 22nd October 2009

Bon jour! Today Mystery and I went out – we went to a french Restaurant. First we drank a delicious Orangina.


Then we had one Galette with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes.

At the end we had a crêpe with chocolate.

A really nice evening! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Bochum, Germany - 24th October 2009

Dear Mum,


yesterday I travelled to Hamburg to my friends Tobias und MP. Together we started today our trip to Bremen, a large town beside the river Weser in the north-western part of Germany. Bremen has an interesting historic oldtown which is worthwile to visit. We neither want to go on a sightseeing-tour through the town nor to make a cruise on the river. We went to Bremen to drive motorkarts in a 5.300 qm hall which spreads over two levels of a factory building.

Now we arrived in front of the kart-hall:

The karttrack is on the 5th and 6th floor. Here you see the marked route and the shadows of karts which are very fast with 6,5 hp.

After waiting for a while I could enter my own kart. I had the No. 17.

... and now I could start!!

Driving a kart is hard work because their steering doesn't have a power steering. After finishing we went in a café and drank a cappuccino to get new energy.

Our next destination was Bochum, a town in western Germany. After checking in in our hotel I moved into my room - when I looked out of the window I saw the main-railway- station.

In the evening we went to the famous musical "Starlight Express" in the Starlight Hall in Bochum. The first performance in Germany was in June 1988 – in the last 21 years more than 12 million members of the audience saw the play so it is the most successful musical in the world which plays in one theatre.

During the show it isn't possible to talk with the actors. So I tried to catch them in the break... and I had luck! I met Electra, the Electricity-locomotive, and Dustin, a coal- waggon who helps Rusty, the main actor, a steam engine-locomotive.

On our way back to the hotel we passed the main-railway-station. It looks really nice with the lights inside.

Back in the hotel I went very tired to bed because it was a taxing day - but is was beautiful with driving a kart and visiting "Starlight Express". Good night, Mum, from Dicker Kumpel

Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 25th October 2009

In the morning we slept very long. Late in the morning we drove to Gelsenkirchen which is nearby Bochum. We went to the Multiplex Cinema and saw the film “Gangs”. In the large auditorium were in addition to MP, Tobias and me only women: one mother and nine girls … the main actors are Jimmy and Wilson Ochsenknecht, two charming boys – the heart-throbs of girls.

When the film was over we walked 500 m to the Veltins Arena, the home of the football club Schalke 04. Today their team played against the Hamburger Sportverein, the HSV. We – MP, Tobias and me – are Hamburger and HSV-fans. So we were at Schalke to cheer up our HSV. Here, Mum, you see me in front of the Veltins Arena and on the stand of the stadion. First there were nearly nobody … 1 ½ hours later the arena was sold out with 61.673 spectators. After a while the teams came out of their changing rooms to warm up.

The game was very exiting. My HSV shoot two goals in the first half-time … all HSV-fans celebrated the leading position.

Finally the game ended Schalke 04 : HSV = 3 : 3. It was a beautifull evening at Schalke. Now we had to drive home. The distance between Gelsenkirchen and Hamburg is 400 km. So we decided to make a break on our way back to the north. We had dinner in an international restaurant. The chips and the burger tasted fine.

Afterwards we continued our return journey and arrived in Hamburg in the late night. That was not a problem for me because I didn’t had to work the next day. I only had to welcome Cilly who had arrived on Saturday in Sülfeld. Thanks MP and Tobias for the beautiful excursion to Bremen, Bochum and Gelsenkirchen with kart-driving, visiting the “Starlight Express”, going to the cinema watching “Gangs” and cheering up the HSV at Schalke. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 1st November 2009

Hi Friends of billiards!


The weather was awful this week-end, so we decided to play billiards. First I and the billiards-hippo showed the others, how to play. It looks easy, but it is very difficult.

So they asked a lot of questions.

I began.

But first I watched where the balls were.

It was fun!

After playing for a while we explored the room. It seems that a horse lived and worked here years ago.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 6th November 2009

Hi there!

Today we will have a party – it is RikeH’s birthday. First we looked at her gifts. Then we sang a wonderful song for her.

These flowers are so beautiful!

When we helped RikeH to prepare everything for the evening we heard the bell. Who can this be? I opened the door. Another Bunny!!! I am so happy and gave her a warm welcome. She is called Co Co Rabbit and is from the UK.

I introduced her to the others.

Then we decorated the table – this is the way TVs would eat…

And this is the way, humans like to do it. They don’t sit on the table – this is strange.

We had fun behind the happy birthday sign.

The last thing this morning was to prepare the dessert. It looks yummy, doesn’t it? But is was very cold on this place.

Well, I will have more fun later and tell you about it. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 6th November 2009

Hi again! Part Two of the birthday: In the afternoon RikeHs Mum [usr]Hummel[/usr] invited all of us to have a delicious cake. It looks great – and tasted great!

In the evening we had a great party and ate a lot. But first we had some Champagne.

We went to the table and ate so much. I didn’t know, what to eat first.

Here are the desserts – now we were allowed to eat it.

Some more snacks...

First we looked into the camera for the photo....

...but after it – we ate everything!!!

Well Mum, it was funny – I hope to be on a birthday party soon. Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 12th November 2009

Hello from Hamburg,

it was really early today, when RikeH came and invited us to come with her. We get up and took a train. It was very dark outside.

So I decided to take another nap.

RikeH worked a lot – then we had the lunch break and walked around the Alster -a nice lake in the centre of Hamburg. There were some geese.

Two photos with all of us.

We found a funny monument with angels.

Another boat on the Alster.

Here I am on the other side of the lake.

This is the townhall – it is beautiful. I always want to have a photo with it.

RikeH had to work in the afternoon – after the work we drove back to Sülfeld and had a stop in the train station.

Look – it is decorated for Christmas – Christmas seems to be wonderful.

Back in the train I looked out of the window – it is dark again. Working seems to be hard. I prefer to be a ToyVoyager.

Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 16th November 2009

Hello Mum, today Lucan arrived in Germany. I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to the others.

Because the weather was nice – no rain today – we made a walk around Sülfeld. First we stopped at a big tractor.

Look, there is a beautiful big tree.

We went over a bridge and had nice views to both sides of it.

We found the last summer-flowers!

Later we wanted to do some sports. We saw a soccer field and played it. I was the goalkeeper. Can you see me?

At the end we all played in the goal.

On our way home we saw another interesting building with a beautiful sign on it.

It was a very nice walk! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

at work, Germany - 19th November 2009

Hello, we will explore something new today. It is called WORK – it must be fun, because RikeH went to this place very often. We started to Hamburg early in the morning.

Then RikeH showed us the place, where she works. There were some friendly toys. I think the one with the red hairs looked really funny.

Look I worked a lot and was a big help !

We had delicious lunch...

and then something nice to drink. I loved the flowers on the table.

In the evening we went home – using the Tube.

We had a last stop at the fuel station and discussed to buy a new car for us.

I want to have a Ferrari. And Christmas is coming...

Working seems to be not so much fun, I don't understand, why people are doing it. Love. Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 20th November 2009

Hello, we went to Hamburg today, because the weather was lovely. We went to the port with the tube. We didn't see many big ships, but had nice looks over the port.

Can you see the church in the background – it is called Michel – and it is very famous here in Hamburg.

Then we visited Bismarck – he was an important politician many years ago.

From this place we could see the Michel again. It is a beautiful church.

Another nice view over the port. It was such a sunny day!

On our way back we had a nice snack in the train.

And we went to a great restaurant and had delicious icecream. What a great day!

Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Pronstorf, Germany - 27th November 2009

Hello, today Marshall arrived. I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to the other TVs who stay here at the moment. We ate the sweets he brought – and talked a lot.

We went to a Christmas market on a nice big farm house. Here you can see it.

It was raining..but I talked to a brown snowman, who didn't melt.

Here you see me inside the old stables, where the people sold their beautiful things.

On the way back we saw another view of the house.

RikeH told me that I will see more Christmas Markets soon. Something is strange about Marshall – he seems to be a sheep, but I am not really sure about it. I will have a closer look at him the next days... Dicker Kumpel

Bad Laer, Germany - 28th November 2009

Hello from Bad Laer, we will make a nice trip this week-end. RikeH told us, that we will go to a sporting event, but we don't know which one. We drove to a nice place called Bad Laer – and this is the hotel, where we stayed in.

This is the church next to it.

In the evening we drank a delicious cocktail. I am so curious where we will go to tomorrow.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Halle, Germany - 29th November 2009

Hello from Halle, Look, where we were. Do you see the sign – 180. Yes, we went to see Darts – the German Darts Championship. There were many people and it was fun. First you can see us on the 180-sign. You have to put it in the air, if the player scores 3 times the triple 20 – worth 180.

We had a great place and were able to see the players on the stage.

In the break we went around and ate delicious things. You can see another view of the place.

In the end Phil Taylor won – he is the best player in the world and my new hero! Greetings Dicker Kumpel

Porta Westfalica, Germany - 30th November 2009

Hi from Porta Westfalica, On our way back we made a stop in Porta Westfalica and visited the the monument of Kaiser Wilhelm.

Here we had a closer look.

He – and we – had a great view over the River Weser – it was a wonderful place.

It was a great week-end. I will become a Darts-Player soon. Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 2nd December 2009

Hello from Hamburg,

Yesterday Kasper arrived in Germany – I gave him a warm welcome.

Then I introduced him to some other nice guys, we will make a trip together next week.

But today 3 of us make a short trip to Hamburg with RikeH. We went there with a new train.

We looked out of the window – it is a beautiful winterview – I am not sure, if you can see it – but I saw it.

This man is very famous in Hamburg – he is called Hummel. Can you see me?

We found the first Christmas Tree :

Outside we saw a much bigger Tree.

Some views of the Christmas Market in Hamburg.

We went back home and started in the main train station. There are wonderful lights, too.

What a great day! yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 6th December 2009

Hello Mum, Two new guests arrived - I gave both a warm welcome. On the photo with Mandy Sheep is also Cilly, because both have the same Mum.

Today is St, Nicholas Day in Germany – maybe all over the world. We don't know that. It means that you have to clean your boots – and put them next to the door. Then they will be filled with delicious sweets. We all wanted to do it, but we found out that we don't have boots and were very sad. But then we found out that RikeH's Mum helped us – and bought this beautiful boot for us. And we loved the sweets inside.

It was especially Twix, who loved the sweets inside...

In the afternoon – after eating a lot of sweets, we visited RikeH's mum – [usr]Hummel[/usr]. She had a lot of Christmas things – so we could make a lot of photos. First with the Advent wreath.

A friendly nutcracker.

Beautiful things out of wood.

Then we visited some angels – some of them are an orchestra and play wonderful music.

Here you can see all of us with a very famous person – Rudolf the red-nose reindeer. He is living here – what a great place. And I sat next to him. It is so exciting!

Before we left Hummel's home I talked to two guys who were sitting there. Maybe one of them will become a ToyVoyager in the future...

Bye Dicker Kumpel

Dann kam mein Kurztrip nach London.

Sülfeld, Germany - 14th December 2009

Hi from snowy Sülfeld! We had snow!!! I was so excited!!! Look, how beautiful it is outside.

We went into the centre of Sülfeld to see the church and the rest in white.

Back home we had some delicious cakes. What a nice week-end.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 18th December 2009

Hello from sunny Hamburg.


We went to Hamburg today – because I wanted to show the others a cruise ship. I will make a cruise on it next summer. How amazing. First we had a look over the port.

The ship on the right side is the one for me. It is called Albatros. I thought that would be a better name for a plane...

We saw two other ships. The Rickmer Rickmers and the Cap San Diego.

On our way back we saw these beautiful Christmas decorations in the main station.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany - 21st December 2009

Hello from snowy Sülfeld ! The winter is in Germany now. We helped RikeH with the snow shovel.

Then we made a nice walk through the snow. Here you see me on a big snowhill.

Later we had a great view over a field.

Back home we played in the garden. Here is a quiz. Can you see where I sat????

Here is the solution:

There are beautiful trees with the snow on it.

These two friendly guys were in front of our house.

In the house we first sat on the radiator to get dry.

Then I had a hot tea and some delicious cookies. Now I am waiting for Christmas.

Love Dicker Kumpel

home, Germany - 24th December 2009

Merry Christmas,

On the 24th of December the people celebrate Christmas in Germany. In the North it is Santa Claus, who brings the gifts, in the south it is the Christ Child. Because we are in the North, normally we have Santa Claus – but this year it was different – just have a look. This is the Christmas Tree – I really love it!

Under the Christmas Tree there were many Christmas Cards from all over the world.

Another nice Christmas decoration!

We all sat together and [usr]RikeH[/usr] read the Nativity story for us. It is about Maria, Josef and their child Jesus.

What a surprise – I were able to visit them – in a stable...

Then the important time of the evening came. The gifts!!! Four Christmas people came – a Christmas Bear, Rudolph, the famous Rendeer, a big Snowman – and Santa Claus. Hm – Santa Claus??? It was a Santa Bunny. Maybe because I am living here? Well, I told a Christmas-poem and Santa Bunny gave me a present.

I opened it – some sweets. I love Christmas.

Twix got more sweets, and because it was Christmas he shared it with us!

After eating all of Twix’s sweets – and when we all got our gifts, we sat together and sang the wonderful German Christmas Songs. I especially loved ‘Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.’

I wish all of you a great Christmas Time!

Love Dicker Kumpel

Hamburg, Germany - 31st December 2009

Hi Mum, It is New Year's Eve – and we will celebrate it. Here are the gifts for our host for this evening.

The clothes for the bottle were so funny – I tried it out,

We had something delicious to eat. It was called Chesse-Fondue.

Later we had a great dessert, too. A kind of Tiramisu.

We played an interesting game – and I won it!

When we came close to midnight, we had a glass of Champagne and something delicious called 'Berliner'.

After it we went out onto the balcony and watched the fireworks.

Look at this funny hat.

I wish you all a Happy Year 2010. yours Dicker Kumpel